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# Mobile Payment

Digital Tickets for Italian Transport

Offering a Mobile Transport Ticketing solution for the transport company Autolinee in Tuscany

Digital Virgo is supporting Autolinee Toscane, a transport company in Tuscany, in deploying Mobile Ticketing in all buses and trams. After offering this innovative service successfully since 2012, the mobile ticketing system now reaches all cities in the region. Thanks to the Carrier Billing integration, the customers of TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE can pay for their tickets easily and securely with their phone bill. Discover how we connect these key players through our DV Ticketing platform.

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Enabling Highway Tickets’ Payment via Carrier Billing for SkyCash

Our partnership is evolving! Digital Virgo for many years has helped SkyCash to integrate mobile payment in its ticketing service in Poland. Before, this included transport and parking tickets, now, e-Toll highway tickets are also available via DCB. Therefore, expanding SkyCash potential in the ticketing industry in Poland. Service users can decide to use Direct Carrier Billing payment method and purchase public transport tickets directly from their phone bill instead of a traditional credit/debit card payment in Poland.

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SMS Digital Tickets for Buses in Olbia, Sardinia, are now available thanks to a new partnership with ASPO 

We are very proud to announce our partnership with ASPO, the public transport company in Olbia, North of Sardinia which allows customers to buy bus tickets through the Carrier Billing payment method. Thanks to this partnership, public transport ticketing has never been easier. TIM and Vodafone customers will be able to buy ASPO bus tickets directly through their mobile phones by sending a single text message. This easy and secure payment is charged on the customers phone bill, no credit card or account information is needed. Starting from the end of September 2022, the service will also be extended to WINDTRE users as well. Discover how DV Ticketing has connected these key players.

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Direct Carrier billig integration for Player

Integrating DCB with Player – most popular VOD service in Poland

In partnership with Carrier Play, our team worked on the integration of Carrier billing technology with the VOD service Player. Carrier’s Play postpaid customers can easily add payment for a chosen package to their phone bill to enjoy the most popular VOD service in Poland. Users can subscribe via DCB to a whole spectrum of content available on Player, including Player Original series, films, popular programs, documents, sport events or TV channels.

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