Provide your services with Premium Rate Number

A very popular and effective payment method for your customers to access a variety of content, goods and services over a phone.

professionalism in one call

Generate profits with Premium Rate Number

Premium Rate Numbers offer the possibility of Direct Billing for services provided by telephone via Premium Rate Numbers.

The caller doesn’t need to register in advance, remains anonymous, and is automatically charged on his or her telephone bill.


Wholesale Service

This solution provides our partners with all the technical know-how and financial expertise required for connections between large publishers and local loop operators (fixed and mobile operators).

Make your Value Added Services accessible with a Premium Rate Number

a simple and ergonomic path

premium rate number access a service Digital Virgo

The user looks for a number to access the service on the Merchant’s platform.

premium rate number Digital Virgo

The user calls to the premium rate number.

premium rate number method by Digital Virgo

The user receives a response and can now use the service!

Advantages of Premium Rate Number

The Benefits at a glance

Generate Revenue

Boost your revenues by setting up multiple tarrifs - from there, customers will cover the cost of your premium rate number.

Control the costs

Have a freedom to set up your own rates per call or per minute. Charge your customers based on the value of your service.

professional Position

Give your customers a reliable contact and professional approach - in just a few clicks provide them with the assistance needed.

Wide Communication

A premium rate number provides a wide access to the service no matter where you are - bringing new customers all over the country.

you are a merChant and looking for ways to grow your business?

Address new customers worlwide with our universal Mobile Payment method.


You have a question about Premium Rate Number?
We have an answer

A Premium Rate Number stands for a professional number that is dedicated to a specific service depending on the Merchant.

There are various types of Premium Numbers such as beginning in 08, 09, 084 etc and other mobile voice and text short-codes. By choosing one of them, you are a few clicks away to set up your own number and propose your service!

Our Team is here to help you! We will help you to acquire your premium number and start your service running. All you need to do is to contact us!

Premium Rate Numbers are users for a variety of different services. For example, in the entertainment section: competitions and quizzes, chat services, mobile games, TV voting etc. They can also be used to access information or get advice (technical, medical etc).