Premium SMS, payment is as simple as a Text Message

Universal multi-operator payment solution to monetize your content by simply sending an SMS. Provide quick access to your goods with an efficient mobile billing method – users are charged for the sending of a premium-rate text message via their phone bill.

The perfect mobile payment for micro-transactions

Pay by Text, a convenient and fast way to pay by just sending an SMS

Premium SMS via phone bill is one of the most-used methods worldwide for micro-transactions.

  • Entertainment and Media (polls, contests, TV games…). 
  • Ticketing (parking, transport, shows, museums…). 
  • Charity and Donations.

1 SMS ...
... 1 Payment

Premium SMS simplifies the way to pay for a service. A fast and easy micro-payment system available worldwide.

Premium SMS Checkout Flow

pay in less than three steps without the need to provide banking details

The user receives an SMS to pay for certain digital content or service

The user sends an SMS to a premium rating short code for additional cost

The user receives confirmation and now can benefit from the service

The Benefits of Mobile Payment via Pemium SMS

For Telcos, Merchants and Users

Instant Payment via a short code

The main advantages of the Premium SMS payment system, for both customers and merchants, is that it is fast and convenient. That's why text payments are one of the fastest-growing payment methods.

Loyalty Builder

With Premium SMS, merchants can build customer loyalty via marketing campaigns, discounts or vouchers.

Greater Security

Premium SMS is a secure mobile payment method. The purchaser doesn't have to enter their credit card or bank details.

Universal Payment System

Premium SMS is compatible with all mobile devices and operators. It is one of the most-used method worldwide.

You are a merchant who wants to onboard sms payment?

Discover how to activate Premium SMS via a single API alongside our innovative Mobile Payment solutions for Merchants.


You have a question about Premium SMS?
We have an answer.

With the SMS payment system, purchasers send a text message to pay for goods or services. This text message is then sent to a mobile payment provider. A provider finalizes the transaction between the consumer and the merchant.

Premium SMS payment system is a solution allowing companies to monetize services and digital goods simply by sending an SMS.

  1. Users send a text message to pay.
  2. Users receive a short code payment to finalize the transaction.
  3. The amount is charged to a mobile cell phone bill or deducted from a prepaid card by the mobile phone operator.

Purchasers are just charged the amount of sending and receiving a premium-rate text message.

Most of the time, users buy Digital Services with Premium SMS (contest, pull, voting, ticketing, charity, donation …).

Premium SMS Payment is secure as it doesn’t require the user to share any sensitive data or banking information.

Premium SMS is a universal payment method available worldwide. The user only needs a mobile device with a SIM card to complete the payment.