Partnering with BLIK in Poland to offer a complete payment package 

Digital Virgo is excited to announce that we are partnering with BLIK. This partnership furthers solidifies our position in Poland as a leader in alternative mobile payments. Building stronger connections with mobile payment companies means diversifying offers for partners and clients. As the future of mobile payments continues to grow so to be at the top of the game, finding new and innovative ways that people interact with secure payments is a top priority.

What is BLIK? 

BLIK is a payment method in Poland that has grown exponentially in popularity and reach since its launch in 2019. BLIK is innovating a way to make mobile payments accessible for everyone. It has changed the mobile payment sector in Poland by offering a range of options from online payments for ecommerce, offline POS payments, phone transfers to cash deposits and withdrawals. The ability to adapt to the growing needs of their end users has created a customer base of +14 million people and an impressive 1 billion transactions in 8 months. Currently, BLIK is available with 18 banking apps in Poland and counting, with an eye to the future that may include more central European countries. No need for credit cards or wallet app, meaning BLIK is already integrated into a user’s banking app. 

According to Juniper research, digital wallets are estimated to grow to more than $12 trillion by 2026, offering another payment method for users means that the ability to grow revenue exponentially and retain more customers is a must.  

Securing alternative payment methods 

As digital payments are taking over as a preferred payment method, security becomes the main concern for many users. One reason why BLIK is so popular is its secure verification method, working across the Polish banking sector using a one-use code per transaction to protect payments. The code lasts 2 minutes and can be used for ecommerce, withdrawing cash from a bank account and even for transfers.  

BLIK for ecommerce 

  1. Select BLIK payment on the ecommerce site 
  1. Then enter the BLIK code on the website’s payment page 
  1. Confirm the purchase in the banking app 

BLIK for POS sales 

  1. In the banking app settings, select BLIK then select BLIK contactless payments and activate 
  1. Accept the terms and conditions then turn on the NFC function 
  1. Turn on screen lock to access the PIN or biometrics 
  1. Confirm with a PIN to activate contactless payments 

BLIK for phone transfers 

  1. Log into banking app and go to settings 
  1. Select transfer to mobile option and register a mobile number 
  1. Confirm the mobile number with a PIN in your banking app  

BLIK for cash deposits and withdrawals 

  1. Select the BLIK withdrawal option at the ATM 
  1. Enter the BLIK code in the ATM and confirm 
  1. Confirm on the mobile device 

Complete payment package in Poland 

Digital Virgo is happy to be working with BLIK to offer our partners and clients this innovative payment method as well as using it on our DV CONTENT platforms. The goal is to offer a complete payment package from direct carrier billing, mobile money, premium SMS and now BLIK. This combination of payments creates secure, fast and easy access for customers to pay for their digital content and services.  

Digital Virgo is committed to evolving alternative payment methods for revenue growth and customer retention. 

Contact our experts to discover how you can integrate our alternative payment solutions 

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