Enabling Highway Tickets’ Payment via Carrier Billing for SkyCash

Our partnership is evolving! Digital Virgo for many years has helped SkyCash to integrate mobile payment in its ticketing service in Poland. Before, this included transport and parking tickets, now, e-Toll highway tickets are also available via DCB. Therefore, expanding SkyCash potential in the ticketing industry in Poland. Service users can decide to use Direct Carrier Billing payment method and purchase public transport tickets directly from their phone bill instead of a traditional credit/debit card payment in Poland.

Paying with Carrier Billing for Highway tickets in the SkyCash application

Since 2010, SkyCash has developed as a fintech company of smartphone payments in parking and transport tickets in Poland. Thanks to our local presence and teams experience, our teams have worked on improving Carrier Billing access for SkyCash users by expanding its offer and including payments for e-Toll highway tickets in Poland for the first stage in this partnership. Through the SkyCash mobile application, users can make payments for bus, railway tickets, and parking, while simply using their phone bill instead of credit card payment method.

Mobile payment at the heart of transport’s payment convenience

We believe that the strength of the mobile ticketing lies in its scalability and effortless method to get citizens from point A to D anywhere, anytime. A Digital Ticket offers a way to turn a mobile phone into both a wallet and a ticket, by avoiding the need for passengers to carry credit cards, cash or wait in line to buy a ticket.

Read about latest DV Ticketing partnerships here. If you want to learn more about the benefits of Direct Carrier Billing and its monetization strategies, please consult our website.

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