USSD, a Payment Method accessible to all

USSD is a simple and global coverage technology – by sending a specific code, it provides different actions without any cost or data connection. USSD is one of the most used channels to pay via DCB or Mobile Wallet through a smooth and simple process.

The best solution for Customer interaction

Why USSD is one of the most used channels to pay via DCB or Mobile Wallet?

USSD can be used for all types of services: Voting, Polling, Content, Ticketing and also for Mobile Payment… USSD banking can work on any mobile device, including features phones.

Improve your Customer Interaction with USSD

The USSD allows mobile subscribers to send USSD messages and to receive information and services from mobile operators, as well as third-party Value Added Services (VAS).

USSD Checkout flow

in just a few steps
The user inserts the USSD code to receive a service from a Mobile Operator.

step two of ussd payment method by Digital Virgo
The user has to choose between the options by introducing the number related to the subscription he wants.

step three of ussd payment method by Digital Virgo
By sending the number related to his subscription choice, the user confirms the transaction.

The user receives a payment and SMS subscription confirmation, he can now enjoy the service!

The Benefits of Mobile payment via USSD

For Telcos, Merchants and users

Scalable Flexibility

USSD allows you to create personalized menus, measures and services to perfectly meet your needs.

International Access

USSD is accessible and available worldwide, allowing it to address all types of consumers. A payment method which is very popular on continents with low bank penetration rates, which makes USSD a very powerful payment method in Africa.

No internet connection or data required

You don’t need Internet data on your phone to enjoy the USSD code service. By simply entering the number, you can enjoy the service

Easy to use

By entering a single number, the user can have access to all types of services, menus, etc.

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You have a question about USSD?
We have an answer.

USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

USSD is a protocol used by GSM cellphones to communicate with their service provider’s computers via text messages. This text-driven technology allows users to interact directly from their cellphones by making a selection from a menu. Unlike an SMS, USSD operates in real-time.

USSD is a technology platform through which information can be transmitted through a GSM network on a basic phone. This service will be available on all mobile phones with SMS facility.

An USSD code is a code that is programmed into your SIM card or your cell phone to make it easier to perform certain actions. When you know the code for what you want to do, you can run it with a few simple taps.

USSD payment refers to payment made by text messages.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) allows users without a smartphone or data/internet connection to use mobile banking through the *99# code. USSD based mobile banking can be used for fund transfers, checking account balance, generating bank statements, among other uses.