Utilizing telcos power to deliver great content with CANAL+ Polska

Our team in Poland have been working hard with CANAL+ Polska and Blue Media to integrate direct carrier billing in their premium streaming app, CANAL+ Online. Now Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to access the range of movies, series and live sports from their mobile devices. Using direct carrier billing, customers can benefit by paying directly from their monthly telecom operator's bill.

Aggregator payments for Orange & T-Mobile

As more people turn to their mobile devices to watch their favorite shows and sports at home and on the go, more people should be able to access great content. Video Steaming on Demand in Poland has $470.76 million in revenue in 2023, according to Statista. This is only projected to grow significantly in the country as well as across other segments including video downloads. 

CANAL+ Polska has leveraged our relationship with Telcos to be able to offer CANAL+ Online to more people. Working with Blue Media to deliver a seamless integration method and connect CANAL+ Polska to major telecom operators Orange and T-Mobile means that more people can now access their amazing content in Poland. Building relationships across Europe and the globe with telcos isn’t just about integrating alternative payment methods but delivering premium services for end users. In this digital era, a global reach that ensures efficient, frictionless payments from mobile devices benefits all involved.  

How to use the service:  

Go to www.canalplus.com and select an offer. When finalizing the order, the customer can choose “Add to Orange account” or “Pay with T-Mobile”. The payment method is dependent on the contract with their operator. The customer then goes through a short verification process using their phone number.  

The streaming service is available via web browser, mobile application for iOS and android, smart TV and a dedicated CANAL+ BOX 4K set-top box. Making the amazing library of content available to a wider audience.  

Great content from CANAL+ Online

CANAL+ Online is a streaming service that offers thousands of hours of movies and series. This amazing streaming service is a host to not only the CANAL+ content that everyone has come to love and associate with quality. It also offers the latest in sports and live information on TV channels. CANAL+ Online is free to configure or change packages putting the power in the hands of the customers. No long-term commitment is needed, activation and cancellation can happen at any time.   

Discover how Digital Virgo can utilize the power of alternative payment methods to deliver revenue growth and gain more customers here.   

Read the Press Release in Polish here

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