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Joining Claro Live Store Streaming Event

Introducing the app for kids Galinha Pintadinha at Claro Live Store streaming event

As a key player in the Mobile Payment ecosystem, we support our partner Claro in Brazil to grow its Carrier Billing business in some of its digital services. We do this with global performance strategies made of Payment and Digital Marketing. This is the case of Galinha Pintadinha, the app for kids created by the production company ZeroUm. Discover more about the streaming event organized by Claro to present this famous app in Brazil!

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We support our partner @ClaroBrasil to grow its Carrier Billing business in some of its digital services such as Galinha ... Pintadinha. Discover more about the streaming event organized to present the famous app!

#DigitalVirgo #DCB #MobilePayments

🏆 We have been awarded at the #MeffysAwards! This award encourages us to continue addressing challenges as opportunities to ... offer even more innovative solutions to our partners! 👉

#DigitalVirgo #mobilepayments #Monetization #Award

🎯 Merci à @RFIAfrique de mettre en avant notre partenariat avec @MolotovTV !

👉 ...

#DigitalVirgo #DVContent #Molotov #Streaming #Africas

Supporting our partner Molotov in Senegal to maximize its revenue by integrating Carrier Billing - well adapted payment method -... a must-have in Africa 📱


#DigitalVirgo #DVContent #Content #Africa #Molotov #Streaming #OTT #MobilePayments

We are expanding our footprint in Latin America by connecting Goles TNT Sports with @MovistarChile! The premium service is ... supported by DCB, providing users with a comfortable way to pay for it via their monthly bill.

#DigitalVirgo #DCB #CarrierBilling

🙌 We have been shortlisted for #MeffysAwards in the Mobile Monetization category! 📲 Vote for Digital Virgo and help us win... the nomination!

@MEF #Voteformeffys #Award #Mobile #Monetisation #mobilepayments

We are expanding our footprint in the urban mobility ecosystem! Find out more about our new Carrier Billing integration with ... Pango, a Polish company offering a mobile parking payment system! 🅿️📱

#DigitalVirgo #DVTicketing #CarrierBilling #urbanmobility

Adaptation is the key for players who want to generate value in a mobile first environment. Juniper Research recently wrote a ... report overviewing the growth of streaming services and we explained how it impacts the emergence of new monetization models. 📱

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Telecom Payment

DV PASS connects Merchants to Telecom Operator’s billing system thanks to a new generation enabling platform. It gives the opportunity to pay goods and services via phone bills or prepaid SIM cards …

Direct Carrier Billing
Mobiles with DV Content services

Content Monetization

DV CONTENT monetizes Merchants’ digital content (Universal, Trace, Vivendi…) by creating or distributing apps and web services: games, music, sport or video on demand …

Apps and Content services
Solution dedicated to content producers
TV and mobile with DV Live services

Content Monetization

DV LIVE gives the Media the opportunity to monetize their audiences through interactivity programs. 

Radio - TV - Press - Online
Live interactivity dedicated to the Media
Mobiles with DV Contact services

Customer Relation

DV CONTACT offers a set of digital tools for the Customer Relations management: Premium SMS, RCS, CRM, Call Tracking, ChatBots, Click2Call, Cloud Contact Center, IVR …

Database management and Monetization
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Digital Ticketing

DV TICKETING is a technical platform dedicated to companies using SMS and carrier billing for Digital Ticketing.

Ticketing via SMS
Urban convenience - Parking - Transport- Events
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Loyalty Programs

DV LOYALTY is dedicated to carriers operating in a prepaid environment. These programs acquire end users and strengthen customer loyalty.

Dedicated to Telecom Operators in Prepaid environment

User Acquisition

To maximize traffic and revenue, Digital Virgo combines performance-based digital marketing tools with its monetization solutions. This 100% ROI-focused expertise is also provided to companies outside the telecom sector under the Addict brand.

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