Data Management, a key lever for Mobile Payment optimization

Data comes from many sources – transactional and operational systems, smart devices, social media … But we believe that the value of data is not in the type of its source, but in how it is used. With more than 9 billion transactions, we support our Teams and clients in optimizing Payment and Monetization activities thanks to Data.

From Big Data to Smart Data

The essential role of Data Centric Analysis in Mobile Payment

In 2021, our Digital Virgo teams managed over 9 Billion transactions and collected more than 110 Billion lines of data. We invite you to learn more about our strategy on analyzing and transforming the acquired data from Mobile Payment transactions and Digital Marketing with the goal to boost the revenues of our clients.

Billions of end-user interactions analyzed each year

Data management is at the heart of successful global performance strategies for Mobile Payment. Track, monitor, analyze, transform and make the best decisions based on solid information about user behavior and usage.

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Powerful Data Management system

Lead your business to success

Drive the performance

As a ROI booster, data has an important impact on performance management. In-depth analysis of your business, by isolating the metrics with a granular approach from the voluminous data transactions.

Fight Fraud

Thanks to the precise data gathering and analysis, enable and fight fraud. Manage a safe ecosystem by securing the market, encouraging business opportunities, improving brand image and most importantly, protecting the end-users.

Improve Strategies

Improve your acquisition and marketing strategies by decoding data of numerous advertising sources. At Digital Virgo, our Team works with 1200 advertising accounts and analyzes more than 100 billion data rows.

Focus on innovation

Focus on data innovation and integrate cloud analytics for a bird's-eye view of your data. Precisely analyze your data sources and build customized reports. Advance in your production process and easily access your company's data.

A strong partnership with key players of the Data ecosystem

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