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Challenges and Opportunities: Alternative Payment Methods in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan African region is undergoing a significant digital transformation, with alternative payment methods playing a crucial role in this evolution. As technology advances and consumer preferences shift towards faster, more convenient, and frictionless payment options, countries across the continent are embracing innovative solutions to meet these demands. In this article, we will explore the rise of alternative payment methods in Sub-Saharan Africa and the role of telcos. We will disclose the benefits of these solutions, the challenges they face, and the potential they hold for financial inclusion and economic growth in the region.

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Frontcover of the video-interview with Chadi Alid of Zain Group

Partnership with Zain Group – An interview with Chadi Alid

On the occasion of Telecoms World Middle East in Dubai, our team sat down with Dizlee’s (Zain Group) General Manager, Chadi Alid, to know more about the role of telcos in the digital ecosystem of the Middle East and North Africa, how can carriers adapt their offer to the current customers’ needs and the importance of partnering with the right companies to fulfil the goals.

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Utilizing telcos power to deliver great content with CANAL+ Polska

Our team in Poland have been working hard with CANAL+ Polska and Blue Media to integrate direct carrier billing in their premium streaming app, CANAL+ Online. Now Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to access the range of movies, series and live sports from their mobile devices. Using direct carrier billing, customers can benefit by paying directly from their monthly telecom operator’s bill.

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The importance of local adaptation in Telecom Payment visual

5 factors to consider about Local Adaptation in the Carrier Billing ecosystem

Direct Carrier Billing is more than a fast, secure, and easy way to make online purchases. It opens a whole new world of possibilities in the digital ecosystem, especially for regions where traditional financial services, such as credit cards, are not standardised. But what is needed for DCB to be fully successful? The cultural and technological adaptation are the key elements to achieve high performing results for Telecom Operators and Merchants worldwide. Here is what it takes to ensure that Telecom Payment becomes a truly effective payment method.

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Woman holding phone

5 key points about the Carrier Billing market in 2023

There is no doubt that alternative payment methods have grown exponentially in importance in the last decade. The Carrier Billing market, for example, has seen a notable increase in spend and number of users, a trend that, according to Juniper Research’s latest report on DCB will keep growing at a stable rhythm from 2023 to 2027. In fact, the report estimates that by 2027, the global spend will escalate up to $122 billion, consolidating as a payment method with a worldwide spread. Here are five key points to take into consideration about the Carrier Billing market for the coming years.

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facilitate parking payments with direct carrier billing visual

8 reasons why you should integrate Direct Carrier Billing in your Parking Services

Our DV Ticketing expertise provides innovative turn-key solutions for the urban mobility ecosystem. Offering not only a standard digital ticket, it also integrates an easier and safer payment method: Direct Carrier Billing. In this article you will discover all the advantages you can’t miss about DCB in Parking Services. An innovative payment method to optimize the User Experience for Customers while increasing the transactions for Parking Services providers.

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Direct Carrier Billing: the fastest growing payment method for digital services

DCB enables a fast, easy and secure online payment flow, ensuring high quality user’s purchasing experience. For this reason, it becomes an increasingly popular billing method for digital services. It provides a great opportunity for Mobile Operators to increase their revenues and for Merchants to achieve higher conversion rates.

In this article you will discover more about DCB and Digital Virgo’s role in supporting Major Digital Players in the management of a sustainable ecosystem through its Telecom Payment expertise – DV Pass.

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two guys playing mobile games in Africa

Mobile Gaming in Africa: a real growth lever for Telecom Operators

Why does Mobile Gaming represent a business growth opportunity for telecom operators in Africa? Following the announcement of our global partnership with games publisher Garena, we share the huge opportunity that mobile gaming in Africa represents for telecom operators. Increase customer loyalty, reach new users and position themselves at the heart of the digital ecosystem. A real growth lever supported by an effective and locally adapted mobile payment strategy. Find out more in this article.

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Launching gaming platform Fuze Forge with Claro in Dominican Republic

Launching gaming platform Fuze Forge with Claro in Dominican Republic

Digital Virgo strengthens Claro Dominican Republic entertainment offering with Fuze Forge, the Group’s gaming platform accessible via Carrier Billing. The new launch is part of the regional agreement signed in 2020 with América Móvil, through which we are expanding the service in its various subsidiaries in the Region. Discover more about the first launch of the Group in Dominican Republic.

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Screens of Orange jeux platform proposed by Digital Virgo

Launching of the new Orange Jeux platform in France, a partnership Digital Virgo & Orange

Digital Virgo joins forces with its trusted partner Orange to help in bringing the new Orange Jeux portal to its customers – a platform dedicated to hundreds of contents from different game publishers with the goal to enrich service and provide a quality content to Orange subscribers. An incredible ecosystem fully dedicated and adapted to the needs of Orange customers to enjoy the best entertainment offer on the market, including a fast and easy payment via our Carrier Billing connection. Learn more about the partnership in the article!

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