The importance of Local Adaptation in Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem

Direct Carrier Billing, as a simple, fast and secure online payment method, needs to be accessible and meet the specific requirements of each market. Both cultural and technological adaptation are the key elements to achieve high performing results for Telecom Operators and Merchants worldwide. In this article you will learn more about what to consider when talking about local adaptation.
The importance of local adaptation in Telecom Payment visual

Cultural and Technological adaptation

In a global business in which all technical, commercial, and relational aspects change depending on the geographical area, local adaptation plays a key role in the solid performance of our business. We hold as a priority to understand our clients’ cultural and technological needs no matter where they are in the world.  

Dedicated local teams, technological support, product adaptation, pricing localization and digital marketing are the main factors to consider concerning Local Adaptation in Telecom Payment ecosystem. 

  • Dedicated Local Teams: as well as Global experts in charge of the business, it is necessary to have a dedicated Local Team available 24/7 to support clients in their specific needs. A Local Team knows the culture and best practices of the area, being able to give strategic advice concerning different aspects: technological support, compliance, fraud integration or user acquisition.

  • Technological support: Carrier Billing requires to consider all technical specificities for both Merchants and Telecom Operators. Depending on the area, the needs can vary from each other. Local standards, specific requirements for the integration, legal constraints, technological development level…the correct local support is vital for the success of a 100% digital business.

  • Product adaptation: in order to reach higher conversion rates, it is essential to adapt digital products or services to meet consumer expectations in the specific area. Adaptation is a decisive factor in different product categories such as: VOD, Music, Gaming, Health, News, Digital Ticketing or Medias. In any case, consumer’ preferences and habits will determine the way in which the product is deployed. 

  • Pricing localization: consumer income around the world is not similar, which means digital services also need to modify their pricing for different countries. Adjusting the service pricing to meet local income is important in order to succeed in countries with low access to traditional online payment methods.   

  • Digital Marketing: marketing campaigns to ensure traffic and profitability are also essential for achieving high performing results. It is important to keep in mind which strategy works well in each area in terms of creativity, messaging creation, keywords and consumer behavior.  

By keeping the importance of Local Adaptation in mind, it will be possible to achieve a sustainable Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem for both Merchants and Telecom Operators. 

Global strategies for a sustainable DCB ecosystem

At Digital Virgo, our aim is to help our clients, Telecom Operators and Merchants, in their digital growth strategies by interconnecting Payment, Monetization and Marketing expertises. 

We have presence in more than 30 countries with dedicated local Teams in each geographical area. Our Glocal know-how allows us to have a global vision and local values to ensure high performing results regardless of the countries’ technological level or cultural needs. 

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