Direct Carrier Billing: the fastest growing payment method for digital services

DCB enables a fast, easy and secure online payment flow, ensuring high quality user's purchasing experience. For this reason, it becomes an increasingly popular billing method for digital services. It provides a great opportunity for Mobile Operators to increase their revenues and for Merchants to achieve higher conversion rates. In this article you will discover more about DCB and Digital Virgo's role in supporting Major Digital Players in the management of a sustainable ecosystem through its Telecom Payment expertise – DV Pass.

DCB: a booming market for digital content and services

Direct Carrier Billing allows users to pay for digital content and services as part of their monthly bill, offering them an enriched purchasing experience. 

The rising number of digital content consumers, as well as mobile subscribers, is bolstering the growth of Direct Carrier Billing. Nowadays, there is a 24% global credit card penetration compared to the 68% mobile penetration as reported by GSMA Intelligence.

DCB offers a great opportunity for both Merchants and Telecom Operators to boost their sales and acquire additional transactions via a direct monetization link with more than 8 billion potential users in the world, according to recent GSMA Intelligence data. 

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value that customers spend on digital goods via carrier billing will exceed $74 billion by 2026; up from $54 billion in 2022. This growth of over 37% reflects the increasing relevance of carrier billing as the better option for buying digital products and services.

DCB and its advantages

This billing method is ideal for digital content and services as it encompasses the three main features that today’s users are demanding for in their payment solutions: simplicity, security and speed. DCB’s numerous advantages mean that it appeals to a wide range of industries. 

DCB prevents users from sharing their personal data online and guarantees the best buying experience thanks to its easy and simple use. It creates a quicker user flow and accelerates customer checkouts.   

DCB is well suited for different kinds of Merchants such as Content Providers, Media, Ticketing players, and Brands.

In Digital Virgo, alternative mobile payments are at the basis of all our services and it is natively included in our monetization solutions. Let’s see some examples of how this payment method fits various digital products and services: 

  • For Content Providers 

Alternative mobile payments aren’t only well suited for web services or applications, it is also really useful for product distribution in countries with less access to banking services. 

An example could be Digster. In Africa, the Universal Music App includes adapted content to fit local needs, Direct Carrier Billing allows users to access the service, and Digital Marketing generates traffic. Behind this successful product stands our monetization expertise – DV Content. Some of our latest collaborations are launching a full-service eSports platform in Egypt and providing exclusive World Cup content in Africa.

More about DV Content here

  • For Media 

Our monetization expertise DV Live gives media companies the opportunity to monetize their audience through interactive programs. The audience is invited to participate in games, contests, or votes via SMS or a premium rate telephone number. The solution is directly linked to the billing system of Telecom Operators, allowing a fast and easy payment that is well adapted to interactivity operations. Our recent partnership with The Voice Francophone Africa Kids for the VoxAfrica audience to deliver an interactive game for viewers.

More about DV Live here

  • For Ticketing ecosystem 

DV Ticketing integrates DCB in order to provide Ticketing players with an easy way to digitize their services. As an example, let’s talk about Cyclope in France, a company that provides temporary bicycle parking during events such as concerts and festivals. Users lock their bikes and send a ‘Cyclop’ by SMS to 91234 to pay for the service. The amount is then charged by the telecom operator.

More about DV Ticketing here. 

  • For Loyalty programs 

Our loyalty programs focus on engaging and retaining Telecom Operator’s mobile customer base. In order for subscribers to participate in games and win prizes, they pay using Telecom Payment. These programs develop the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), boost the usage of services, and strengthen customer loyalty. 

More about Loyalty programs here. 

DV Pass Value Proposition

In Digital Virgo, we operate in the alternative mobile payment ecosystem with our new-generation technical solution DV Pass. A robust technical hub that supports digital players in the management of a sustainable ecosystem by providing:  

  • Easy deployment and seamless integration via a single API
  • Worldwide coverage with local and global Team support
  • Secure traffic thanks to proven anti-fraud tools and global management of the transactional ecosystem
  • Activity management facilitated by Smart Data, a source of performance

If you are looking for a one-click payment platform that helps you boost your sales while offering the best purchasing experience, DV Pass is the best choice. 

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