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Poster about mobile payment through SMS of a bus ticket

5 reasons why Public Transport Companies should integrate Carrier Billing for tickets purchases

Worldwide Mobile Ticketing users are expected to grow from 1.1 billion in 2019 to 1.9 billion in 2023. Thanks to its convenience, simplicity and security, mobile payment for digital tickets has become the preferred channel for customers in transportation. Following the effects of the pandemic and changes in consumer habits, public transportation companies have to adapt their services to the new reality.
In this article, you will discover all the advantages you can’t miss on Carrier Billing in Public Transport Tickets. This payment method allows users to pay for their public transport tickets easily, conveniently and securely with their mobile phone bill via SMS, RCS or in-App. An alternative solution to optimize user experience for customers while encouraging public transport usage.

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Portrait of Eric Peyre nominated by EY for the Entrepreneur of the Year award

Eric Peyre: the success of mobile payment

Article for french-speakers only! Eric Peyre has been nominated by EY for the Entrepreneur of the Year award! This week, Bref Eco published an article looking back at the entrepreneurial journey of Eric Peyre, President of the Digital Virgo Group. An adventure that began in 1989 to make the company one of the major players in the world for mobile payment solutions via the billing system of telecom operators.

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visual of "Driving cloud gaming with carrier billing"

5G Cloud Gaming – How can Carrier Billing bring more revenue growth?

A Juniper Research report found that mobile and cloud gaming will lead the growth of the gaming industry which is set to exceed $200 billion in value in 2023. 5G rollout in some of the world’s leading economies is accelerating this growth. Find out how Direct Carrier Billing suceeds to become the ideal payment solution for this new trend!

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Our team provided SMS service to the Spanish Red Cross in their Golden Draw

Providing SMS service to the Red Cross in Spain

We are glad to share that we provided SMS service to the Spanish Red Cross in their Golden Draw. Under the slogan “Together we can change thousands of lives”, the last edition of the draw wanted to emphasize the importance of the collaboration of the whole society to get out of this social crisis we are experiencing.

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