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visual of "Driving cloud gaming with carrier billing"

5G Cloud Gaming – How can Carrier Billing bring more revenue growth?

A Juniper Research report found that mobile and cloud gaming will lead the growth of the gaming industry which is set to exceed $200 billion in value in 2023. 5G rollout in some of the world’s leading economies is accelerating this growth. Find out how Direct Carrier Billing suceeds to become the ideal payment solution for this new trend!

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Our team provided SMS service to the Spanish Red Cross in their Golden Draw

Providing SMS service to the Red Cross in Spain

We are glad to share that we provided SMS service to the Spanish Red Cross in their Golden Draw. Under the slogan “Together we can change thousands of lives”, the last edition of the draw wanted to emphasize the importance of the collaboration of the whole society to get out of this social crisis we are experiencing.

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Digital Virgo poster about first time integrating carrier billing for car wash payment system

Integrating Carrier Billing for Pango’s Car Wash Payment System

We are announcing the first Carrier Billing integration for Car Wash Payment System! After launching Carrier Billing for Pango’s mobile parking service, we are now expanding the payment method into its Car Wash payment system. A new opportunity for Play, Plus and Orange subscribers in Poland to pay for both services via their monthly mobile bill.

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