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EdTech: Global Exponential Growth and Potential for Telcos 

Many classrooms around the world are embracing digital transformation. Not just developing much needed digital skills, but allowing students of all ages to develop their knowledge in areas such as languages, literacy and classic academic subjects outside traditional educational environments. The development of EdTech means that people can access this from their mobile devices making it easier than ever to embrace a wide range of expert knowledge across the globe. EdTech is quickly becoming an allure for customers of all ages, and a key lever for Telcos that want to retain and grow their customer base. Looking to the future, Edtech has exponential projected growth as the next generation grows alongside technical advances.

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What does the Music Industry look like in 2023

Over the last few years, people have moved from traditional forms of listening to music, such as radio and CD’s, to more digital streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube. Besides these digital platforms that allow people to engage with music in auditory and video form, the younger generation, especially Gen Z, are engaging with music in different ways such as concert livestreaming or even in gaming. In this article we analyze the evolution of the industry in the last 12 months, focusing especially on the trends that have taken over music consumption habits.

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Global Trends on Mobile Apps and Digital Content

The rise in mobile devices has seen a massive growth in applications and content. Over the past few years, due to global events, apps have become more popular than ever and have been able to connect people in business, love and many other areas of their lives. Two major points of content applications are consumer spending and downloads, these are what drive different verticals. Discovering which verticals are growing means that telco companies can identify certain trends to attract and retain customers.

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Delivering Premium Content with MTN Play in South Africa

For the first time, DV Content’s service PlayVOD is now available on MTN Play in South Africa, a multi-thematic hub that connects subscribers to a world of the best mobile content and entertainment. Subscribers are able to access a range of videos on demand from their mobile devices from the PlayVOD catalog. Partnering with MTN South Africa is a major step for DV Content and it’s just the start of delivering premium content in the region.

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Screens of Orange jeux platform proposed by Digital Virgo

Launching of the new Orange Jeux platform in France, a partnership Digital Virgo & Orange

Digital Virgo joins forces with its trusted partner Orange to help in bringing the new Orange Jeux portal to its customers – a platform dedicated to hundreds of contents from different game publishers with the goal to enrich service and provide a quality content to Orange subscribers. An incredible ecosystem fully dedicated and adapted to the needs of Orange customers to enjoy the best entertainment offer on the market, including a fast and easy payment via our Carrier Billing connection. Learn more about the partnership in the article!

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Direct Carrier billig integration for Player

Integrating DCB with Player – most popular VOD service in Poland

In partnership with Carrier Play, our team worked on the integration of Carrier billing technology with the VOD service Player. Carrier’s Play postpaid customers can easily add payment for a chosen package to their phone bill to enjoy the most popular VOD service in Poland. Users can subscribe via DCB to a whole spectrum of content available on Player, including Player Original series, films, popular programs, documents, sport events or TV channels.

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Movistar GameClub Chile visual

Discover Movistar GameClub Premium Pass – the new gaming & eSports service created for Movistar Chile

Digital Virgo has joined forces with its trusted partner Movistar Chile to launch Movistar GameClub Pass, its new gaming portal. Framed within the Movistar Game Club ecosystem that the mobile operator has developed in Chile, the new service offers a universe of premium content to reinforce its positioning as a key player of gaming in Chile. Find out all the details about Movistar GameClub Pass and the opportunity that Gaming represents for Carriers in Latam!

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Launching fitness platform Peak with Movistar in Chile

Launching the fitness platform Peak with Movistar Chile

Digital Virgo strengthens Movistar Chile entertainment offering with Peak, the Group’s fitness platform accessible via Carrier Billing. From now on, Movistar users in Chile will be able to access and pay for their sport and health content easily, quickly and securely through their monthly mobile bill.

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