An Interview with Marco Barbaceli, Country Manager for Brazil, in Mobile Time

Our Country Manager for Brazil, Marco Barbaceli, sat down with Fernando Paiva, Content Director of Mobile Time, for an interview about Digital Virgo's Cloud Gaming service recently launched with Algar Telecom. The article covers our Cloud Gaming offer in Brazil and explains more about the service and its possibilities.
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Digital Virgo wants to bring Cloud Gaming to Latin American carriers

Digital Virgo wants to take its Cloud Gaming platform to several Latin American carriers. The first launch took place in Brazil in March this year, with Algar Telecom, under the name GameX Play […].

The company has assembled a catalogue of more than 300 games from partnerships with several publishers, including an agreement with Ubisoft. Among the titles there are several hits, such as Darksiders, MotoGP, World Rally Car 8, Tennis World Tour (Roland Garros edition), Mortal Kombat and Wonder Boy.

The games are adapted to work on any interface: desktop, smartphone or smart TV. Access can be made via browser and the controls are converted according to the device, and can work with a keyboard, joystick or touch screen”.

In cloud gaming, Digital Virgo assembles the offer in white label format, with the brand of the partner operator, and adapting the catalogue on a case by case basis. Billing is done via direct carrier billing (DCB).

“We want to democratize access to games. There is no need to have a special or super-modern computer. And the payment is made by carrier billing”, explains Marco Barbacelli, Country Manager of Digital Virgo in Brazil, in conversation with Mobile Time.

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Read the article here.

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