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Poster of Caregame and Digital Virgo announce the new partnership

Offering an innovative cloud gaming technology with CareGame

CareGame, a leading player in the mobile cloud gaming market, and Digital Virgo, the Group specializing in mobile payment solutions, announce the signing of a global partnership. This agreement will allow the company to offer to telecom operators worldwide an innovative cloud gaming technology, designed to be rapidly deployed while optimizing implementation and operating costs. This partnership will provide an exceptional mobile gaming experience, using CareGame’s mobile cloud gaming solution, as well as a complete and optimized service, thanks to Digital Virgo’s expertise in the distribution of high value-added digital content platforms.

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Digital Virgo poster about statistics and predictions for mobile gaming industry

Overview on Gaming Market for Telcos

What is the Gaming Market trends? What kind of predictions are seen in this continuously growing industry? This is the time to pay attention to the growing numbers and new benefits for Telcos to expand their services and build customer loyalty. We offer a comprehensive solution that can provide this advancement for Telecom companies and use this time to profit from the potential of the future gaming.

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Juniper Research report with a backup knowledge on 5G, Cloud Gaming and its tight relationship with Mobile Operators

©Juniper Research – Will Cloud Gaming Change the way we play?

It’s been a while we haven’t shared Juniper Research reports with a backup knowledge on 5G, Cloud Gaming and its tight relationship with Mobile Operators. In this article, we share both ours and Juniper Research knowledge on subscription model and successful methods for Carriers to increase numbers of their audiences.

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Digital Virgo joining claro live store streaming event

Introducing the app for kids Galinha Pintadinha at Claro Live Store streaming event

As a key player in the Mobile Payment ecosystem, we support our partner Claro in Brazil to grow its Carrier Billing business in some of its digital services. We do this with global performance strategies made of Payment and Digital Marketing. This is the case of Galinha Pintadinha, the app for kids created by the production company ZeroUm. Discover more about the streaming event organized by Claro to present this famous app in Brazil!

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visual of getting to know more about our acquisition strategy - Smart Bidding

Getting to know more about our acquisition strategy – Smart Bidding

In order to promote the products and services we distribute for Carriers and Merchants, our DV AdTech team manages more than €100M in media buying every year. User acquisition is an essential lever to generate revenues and increase its user base.

Overall, it’s an important part of our Global Strategy offer made of Telecom Payment, Monetization and Marketing.
Our acquisition goes through several levers on which we broadcast campaigns: Facebook, Google, Programmatic, Affiliates… But today we are highlighting our expertise on Google Smart Bidding and its ability to adjust the bidding of different ads.

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Omantel launches PlayVOD service visual

Mention >> Omantel launches PlayVOD service

Times of Oman highlighted our launch of PlayVOD in partnership with Omantel. The new service offers to Omantel customers an access to a wide range of movies, enabling the deployment of highly performative Direct Carrier Billing technology.

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