Delivering Premium Content with MTN Play in South Africa

For the first time, DV Content’s service PlayVOD is now available on MTN Play in South Africa, a multi-thematic hub that connects subscribers to a world of the best mobile content and entertainment. Subscribers are able to access a range of videos on demand from their mobile devices from the PlayVOD catalog. Partnering with MTN South Africa is a major step for DV Content and it’s just the start of delivering premium content in the region.

MTN leading digital solutions for Africa 

South Africa is another strategic step for DV Content to deliver premium content across Africa. MTN is Africa’s largest mobile network operator with over 285 million customers in 19 markets. MTN strives to become a beacon for digital solutions in Africa by building the largest platforms, such as MTN Play, which makes them the perfect partner. Through their platform MTN Play, they are providing a range of local and international movies and series for all ages. Subscribers can now access over 3000 movies and series from DV Content’s PlayVOD catalog. MTN customers are able to subscribe for as little as R5 (around 0.25€) per day, making on-demand video content more accessible.   

PlayVOD, premium content on demand from your mobile device  

PlayVOD is a video-on-demand distribution and monetization platform from DV Content. This just one of our video streaming platforms that are available. The aim of it is to create, distribute and monetize content globally, it can be tailored to local audiences ensuring that subscribers can get content that is relevant to their language and region. PlayVOD delivers a selection of movies, videos, series, and cartoons to watch and download. This service can be shown on 3 different screens simultaneously, meaning that it can be spread across devices so that subscribers will never miss their favorite programs.   

Our experts have been able to integrate the PlayVOD platform seamlessly with the MTN Play distribution through an API connection. 

Discover more DV CONTENT platforms here. 

Speak to the experts today and learn more here. 

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