Integrating DCB with Player – most popular VOD service in Poland

In partnership with Carrier Play, our team worked on the integration of Carrier billing technology with the VOD service Player. Carrier's Play postpaid customers can easily add payment for a chosen package to their phone bill to enjoy the most popular VOD service in Poland. Users can subscribe via DCB to a whole spectrum of content available on Player, including Player Original series, films, popular programs, documents, sport events or TV channels.
Direct Carrier billig integration for Player

The Benefits of Mobile Payment via Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is an online mobile payment method that allows users to make purchases directly charged to their mobile phone bill. A payment full of potential and benefits works across all mobile devices, and it is accessible to any user having a subscription with a telecom operator.

Greater Security

Direct Carrier Billing is secure – consumers do not need to provide any sensitive personal data such as credit card or banking information.

Larger Financial Inclusion

It is the best option for digital merchants looking to expand into emerging markets where a large proportion of the population remain unbanked.

Seamless User Experience

By providing a simplified online payment experience, only a reduced number of steps is required in order to complete a transaction.

Increased Conversions

Direct Carrier Billing leads to a lower abandonment rate at the point of purchase. Since the payment is convenient and secure, it has the potential to increase the conversion rates.

About Player

Player is a local leader on the market of paid VOD platforms with the most diverse programming offer.

  • 4,6 mln real users (Gemius Mediapanel, January 2022)
  • Relevant to the Polish consumer – rooted in the local context
  • Perceived as a platform with the best and with the most Polish series (Kantar – Brand and Communication Tracking Q3 2021)
  • The platform includes an extensive content library of original shows and series, entertainment, films, sports, news, lifestyle and kids content as well as live TV channels.

Consult our website to learn more about DCB technology benefits for both Carriers and Merchants in the entertainment industry, or contact us if you have any questions!

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