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close up of mobile phone with an advertising section on the screen

Automatization is the Key to Success – an Interview with Emilie Gharbi

Digital Virgo is a company that has a range of services such as Digital Marketing, Data Management and User Acquisition. This means that our teams can deliver the best optimization processes for our partners and clients. The global scope of campaigns at Digital Virgo means that automatization plays an important role. Our teams of Media Traders manage ad campaigns through third-party websites such as Google 360. They have a unique skill to blend creative and analytic skills to make sure that the correct message is getting to the right audience globally. Emilie recently sat down to talk about automatization and how Digital Virgo uses it in their campaigns.

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visual of best App Acquisition Campaign 2020 silver winner

Best App Acquisition Campaign EMEA 2020. Silver winner!

Addict Mobile, the Group’s brand dedicated to mobile app ecosystem, is proud to win the Silver Award for Best App Acquisition Campaign EMEA at SMARTIES 2020 organized by the MMA. This competition rewards the best strategic dispositions within the mobile ecosystem. This award reinforces Addict Mobile’s position as a leader in performance-based mobile acquisition campaigns, aiming with each partnership to exceed the objectives set by its customers.

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visual of getting to know more about our acquisition strategy - Smart Bidding

Getting to know more about our acquisition strategy – Smart Bidding

In order to promote the products and services we distribute for Carriers and Merchants, our DV AdTech team manages more than €100M in media buying every year. User acquisition is an essential lever to generate revenues and increase its user base.

Overall, it’s an important part of our Global Strategy offer made of Telecom Payment, Monetization and Marketing.
Our acquisition goes through several levers on which we broadcast campaigns: Facebook, Google, Programmatic, Affiliates… But today we are highlighting our expertise on Google Smart Bidding and its ability to adjust the bidding of different ads.

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infographic 4 tips to successfully target digital ads

4 tips to successfully target Digital Ads

In a world where we are over-exposed to Digital Ads and where competition is increasing day by day, an effective targeting strategy is essential to boost the campaign’s performance.

In Digital Virgo, within our DV AdTech expertise, our way of working is based on identifying the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We have more than 30 experienced traffic managers managing around 35.000 marketing campaigns and 100 M € in media buying each year. In this article you will find 4 key tips to effectively target Digital Ads recommended by our experts.

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8 Marketing KPIs you should be aware of visual

8 KPIs you should know about in advertising for apps

Key performance indicators, or KPI’s, play a significant role in executing a more successful marketing campaign. Our DV Adtech and Addict Mobile expertises are based on marketing strategies and a number of KPIs to generate and monetize ads in the most effective way. This time we want to share with you KPIs that helps to support successful marketing app campaigns and avoid advertising decisions based on misleading information.

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More about Tik Tok visual

All about Tik Tok: fast growing next generation app

Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform, became one of the most fast-growing apps in today’s world. With millions of youngsters, it became a place for brands to reach the generation of tomorrow. In this article we will analyse the potential of this significantly new platform and why you need to use it for your advertising.

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infographic 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

CRO: 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

An effective user acquisition strategy is an aim for many marketers in today’s competitive market. The goal is to create a systematic and effective process that converts visitors into clients. We share with you 5 tips you need to keep in mind to provide the best customer journey for your business.

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Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns

How did the Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns Outperformed During the Lockdown?

Addict Mobile, the Group’s brand dedicated to mobile app ecosystem, shared a Success Case about user acquisition during lockdown. The App of Bodeboca, dedicated to the wine world, maintained a positive ROI, obtained 30 point in the iOS ranking and increased the number of effective purchases made on the day of install. Want to know how our Teams achieved these high-performance results? Read the full article!

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