CRO: 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

An effective user acquisition strategy is an aim for many marketers in today’s competitive market. The goal is to create a systematic and effective process that converts visitors into clients. We share with you 5 tips you need to keep in mind to provide the best customer journey for your business.
infographic 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

Optimize your conversion funnel  

  • It is important to identify your critical path of your registration process and simplify it, in order to achieve your funnel of conversion. Try to reduce the number of unnecessarily interactions that would take too much of your visitor’s time. The flow of registration should be realized without any difficulty and be as smooth as possible.
  • Even if it seems obvious, help your visitors on each step by providing clear and easy instructions.
    Be simple, say exactly what to do and avoid useless clicks.

Page & Event Tracking  

  • Track everything possible on your pages by using events or virtual page views: it is very important to know the conversion rate of each of your visitors’ steps and necessary interactions, from on your Landing Page to the final registration step.
  • Determine the right KPI that will help you to track whether your LP is performing or not, and thus be able to make comparisons. 
  • Follow statistics of each step of your critical path and identify the possible frictions (bottleneck) of your funnel of conversion. Prioritize optimization efforts by analysing the steps that lose the most of your visitors.


  • Think about what kind of landing page would meet your visitors’ needs and expectations. What landing page would they expect to see by clicking on your ads ?
  • Don’t stay on the same ideas of your pages but regularly propose new versions and submit them to randomized experiments with A/B Testing.
  • Be more careful with totally new creations that usually require a lot of time and resources, especially when the results are uncertain. Remember that there’s no bad experiment, you can always learn from your tests and acquire knowledge.

Work your audience  

  • Analyze and understand your audience. Keep consistency between the message of your ads and your landing page. Know your targeted visitors, their habits and their needs.
  • Beautiful design doesn’t always translate into good performances. Use the proper graphical design adapted to the advertising context of your audience. Your page compositions must be balanced, clear and fluid with a special highlight of all your Call-To-Action.
  • One of the most important points in order to achieve the best user acquisition is Trust. Earn visitor’s trust with your competitive strengths, social proofs (ratings, feedbacks, awards…) and insurance items (customer care, guarantees…).

Technical Optimization  

  • Slow websites lose visitors. Check technical performance of your LP and try to optimize all levels (back and front-end) in order to get the fastest loading time. Avoid synchronous processes that could slow the page rendering and will result in a worse Speed Index score. Benchmark your website against your competitors.
  • Think “mobile” – your pages must be fully responsive and should display perfectly on all devices and screen sizes. Always take in to count mobile connection speed of your visitor (potentially slow or degraded) against the weight of the file resources required to display the Landing page.

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Download this infographic that will help you remember the key points of a successful customer journey

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