4 tips to successfully target Digital Ads

In a world where we are over-exposed to Digital Ads and where competition is increasing day by day, an effective targeting strategy is essential to boost the campaign’s performance. In Digital Virgo, within our DV AdTech expertise, our way of working is based on identifying the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We have more than 30 experienced traffic managers managing around 35.000 marketing campaigns and 100 M € in media buying each year. In this article you will find 4 key tips to effectively target Digital Ads recommended by our experts.
infographic 4 tips to successfully target digital ads

1. Pick up the right audience

Target audiences are groups of people with specific interests and demographic information. We can add audience targeting to ad groups and reach people based on who they are, their interests and habits, what they’re researching or how they interact with our business.

Audience targeting can boost campaign’s performance. To pick up the right target, including people you know and people you don’t know yet, it is necessary to make some research about:

  • Consumption habits: to reach people according to their shopping habits.
  • In-Market: to reach people looking for new products.
  • Custom Intent: to know what they are researching or planning.
  • Similar audiences: to find consumers who have similar profiles to those you already know.
  • Customer Match: to find consumers online through their mailing addresses, phone numbers or emails.
  • Remarketing: to connect with people who previously interacted with your business.

2. Deploy a cross-channel strategy

It is crucial to follow the user across the acquisition channels (Display, Video, Search & Social) in order to understand its behaviour and interests.

By doing this, you can leverage the strengths of each channel and tailor the message to target your potential customer on each touch point.

3. Don’t forget about local adaptation!

We need to keep in mind that the market overview and the market insight will be different depending on the area. 

That’s why it is important to adapt the media buying management to the specific needs of the target audience in each geographical area. It is also interesting to categorize the content by habits, lifestyle or languages.

4. Deliver personalized content based on data analysis

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, consumers can be targeted based on their historical purchasing behaviour patterns. In addition, by using programmatic advertising, we can collect the data about target audiences in a more precisely way. Through this personalization, we are able to tailor and deliver customer ads to different targets.

In Digital Virgo, we are focused on performance-based marketing campaigns. It means that our purpose is not achieving Ad Recall. Our aim is to identify the right person with the right message at the right time. We do this through the data analysis from different Ad Networks (Google & Facebook) which help us to identify people who are actively searching for a specific information. We use this information to display a personalized message only to this person at the best time – when the user is online.

This bound of Who, What and When is the key of successful performance-based marketing campaigns.

More about our Digital Virgo’s DV AdTech expertise

Our performance-based Digital Marketing solution, DV Adtech, is made of years of experience in user acquisition. Digital Virgo’s teams work directly with GAFAM (Google, Facebook…) in optimizing digital marketing tools: search, display, SEO, SMO, ASO… This 100% ROI-focused expertise is driven by local teams made of more than 30 traffic managers in charge of 35.000 marketing campaigns and 100 M € media buying each year.

We integrate our AdTech expertise in all our monetization solutions in order to maximize the traffic and achieve high performing results. To know more about the Group, click here.

Download the infographics with the 4 tips to effectively target digital ads

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