Getting to know more about our acquisition strategy – Smart Bidding

In order to promote the products and services we distribute for Carriers and Merchants, our DV AdTech team manages more than €100M in media buying every year. User acquisition is an essential lever to generate revenues and increase its user base. Overall, it’s an important part of our Global Strategy offer made of Telecom Payment, Monetization and Marketing. Our acquisition goes through several levers on which we broadcast campaigns: Facebook, Google, Programmatic, Affiliates… But today we are highlighting our expertise on Google Smart Bidding and its ability to adjust the bidding of different ads.
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Learning more about our strategy 

Smart Bidding is a set of automated bid strategies that use Google Machine Learning to optimize performance based on Advertiser’s goals. Different strategies are available: from maximizing conversions to maximizing value or clicks, respect a target cost-per-action or a given budget. Choosing the correct strategy based on your goal is the most important decision to make, as it will drive the overall performance of your Smart bidding campaign.

Our Team uses Smart bidding algorithms to combine thousands of signals in real time (including device, location, time of the day and more) to predict the probability of conversion of a given user. The bid is automatically placed based on this prediction and the campaign objective. For example, this will set a higher bid for someone with a higher chance of converting, which will increase the chances of the advertiser’s ad winning the impression among their competitors.

Advice from our expert in User Acquisition

  • We have to feed the machine in order for it to learn : with 1st party data (ie. list of visitors, cart abandoners, converters, encrypted emails for customer match…) and conversion actions that matters to the Advertisers (ie. transactions, leads) and their corresponding value (to allow Smart bidding to optimize on conversion value if relevant). Put an effort into creative assets (images, videos…) and landing pages optimization (mobile-friendly, fast loading, relevant content). A certain amount of ramp-up time and budget will be necessary, as your Smart bidding campaign will go through a learning phase. The more conversions it will generate, the shorter the learning period will be. Allow at least 2 weeks to start seeing results with your Smart bidding campaign.

Déborah from our DV Adtech Team 

Digital Virgo user acquisition and Global Performance Strategy

Our DV Adtech Team specializes in Google, Social Media and programmatic advertising strategies and have already built many successful marketing campaigns for our clients within the Telecom ecosystem. 

DV AdTech allows us to strengthen our payment strategies in order to achieve effective results.

The interconnection of our expertise in Payment, Monetization and Marketing enables us to bring performance and growth to our clients Telecom Operators and Merchants.

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