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Renaud Ganascia cover for the tribune article.

The Future of Content Monetization and VAS in Africa

Each year, Renaud Ganascia, Sales Director in Africa, contributes to the African Wireless Communication Yearbook. His more than a decade of experience in content and service monetization, as well as his extensive experience in alternative payment methods, makes him a leader in the industry. Get to know his thoughts on content monetization and VAS in the African continent.

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EdTech: Global Exponential Growth and Potential for Telcos 

Many classrooms around the world are embracing digital transformation. Not just developing much needed digital skills, but allowing students of all ages to develop their knowledge in areas such as languages, literacy and classic academic subjects outside traditional educational environments. The development of EdTech means that people can access this from their mobile devices making it easier than ever to embrace a wide range of expert knowledge across the globe. EdTech is quickly becoming an allure for customers of all ages, and a key lever for Telcos that want to retain and grow their customer base. Looking to the future, Edtech has exponential projected growth as the next generation grows alongside technical advances.

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Country Focus: The Digital Ecosystem in South Africa 

South Africa, a nation of diverse heritage and youthful dynamism, is at the forefront of Africa’s digital transformation. With an impressive 72.3% of the population embracing the digital age, this connectivity opens doors for businesses and individuals. As South Africa continues to shape its digital future, discover the challenges and remarkable growth driving its dynamic digital landscape.

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Alternative Payment - Mobile Money - Senegal

Digital Virgo Integrate Payment by Mobile Money to its TV Platform in Senegal  

Digital Virgo, in collaboration with Orange Senegal, has just introduced Mobile Money as a new payment alternative for Digital Virgo’s TV service in the country. This deal will enable access to premium TV content for a broad spectrum of the population, considering that over 44% of Senegal’s population has a registered mobile money account, according to the World Bank. With this new payment method added to the existing Direct Carrier Billing option, the platform is now ready to serve an even larger audience, providing an enhanced user experience.

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Country Focus: The Digital Ecosystem in Ghana 

The digital transformation happening across Africa is no longer a mere prediction; it’s happening right now. With more people getting online, improved connections, and policies that encourage digital growth, the African continent is emerging as a digital powerhouse. Despite challenges, the opportunities for businesses, tech companies, and content providers are enormous.

In this vast digital landscape, we’re turning our attention to Ghana, located on the West Coast, known for its stability and vibrant culture. Ghana, often called the “Gateway to Africa,” offers an exciting glimpse into how digitization is unfolding in one of the continent’s most promising countries.

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Global Trends on Mobile Apps and Digital Content

The rise in mobile devices has seen a massive growth in applications and content. Over the past few years, due to global events, apps have become more popular than ever and have been able to connect people in business, love and many other areas of their lives. Two major points of content applications are consumer spending and downloads, these are what drive different verticals. Discovering which verticals are growing means that telco companies can identify certain trends to attract and retain customers.

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Man using his phone as a second screen while watching TV

Interview: LaLiga & Digital Virgo discuss the Second Screen Phenomenon

On the occasion of Telecoms World Middle East in Dubai, Digital Virgo and LaLiga sat down to talk about one of the most recent trends when it comes to digital content consumption: the use of a second screen, normally a smartphone, while watching TV. Frederico Rosato (Digital Virgo Group Sales Director) and Luis Cardenas (Head of Partnerships Middle East & Africa at La Liga) took the stage in front of the crowd to discuss the topic and introduce the companies’ latest collaboration, LaLiga Xtra app. Dive deep into the highlights of their conversation.

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Key takeaways from Telecoms World Middle East 2023

In the context of a strong digital transformation in MENA, The Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai hosted a new edition of Telecoms World Middle East during May 30th and 31st. The event gathered telecom operators, merchants and other key players of the technological industry under the same roof to address the current situation and future steps of the unstoppable digitization in the region. Our team took the opportunity to showcase our offer and enhance the opportunities to democratize the access to digital content and achieve financial inclusion.

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Women using a smartphone in United Arab Emirates

Country focus: The digital ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is rapidly becoming a powerhouse in digital payment services and a key provider of premium digital content in MENA. Harnessing the increasing rate of mobile devices’ penetration, the exponential growth of the digital payments ecosystem and the booming interest in premium content, telecom operators and merchants in the region find great opportunities to boost their revenues and attract users, hungry to stay current from gaming to VOD.

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