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More about Tik Tok visual

All about Tik Tok: fast growing next generation app

Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform, became one of the most fast-growing apps in today’s world. With millions of youngsters, it became a place for brands to reach the generation of tomorrow. In this article we will analyse the potential of this significantly new platform and why you need to use it for your advertising.

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infographic 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

CRO: 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

An effective user acquisition strategy is an aim for many marketers in today’s competitive market. The goal is to create a systematic and effective process that converts visitors into clients. We share with you 5 tips you need to keep in mind to provide the best customer journey for your business.

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Peak App a global strategy for premium content monetization visual

Peak Bodyweight Workout App: a Global Strategy for Premium Content Monetization

In 2018, Digital Virgo’s content monetization solution, DV Content, launched a service dedicated to sports coaching: Peak Bodyweight Workout. The successful product, operates in 7 countries and is available in 9 languages. It includes a fully personalized training program built on three main pillars: Exercise & Workout, Nutrition and Activity Tracking. Let’s discover how the premium and exclusive content, produced by TUIWOK, a subsidiary of the famous broadcaster Endemol Shine Group, is associated with a global monetization strategy.

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User acquisition during the lockdown visual

Reflecting on our user acquisition during the lockdown

During the period of covid-19 crisis, the number of clicks on our ad campaigns raised from 3,400,000 to 5,400,000 views per day. It was more than ever important for our Teams to optimize the customer acquisition and loyalty strategies. We want to share with you how we supported the higher flow of user engagement during this period.

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Baramètre annuel du marketing mobile en France 2020

Infographic of Mobile Marketing in France 2020

Addict Mobile, the Group’s brand dedicated to mobile app user acquisition, took part in the 2020 Annual Mobile Marketing Barometer published by MMA. It consolidates the usage data on the mobile, its interfaces, messaging, advertising and mobile commerce.

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GameWard Cup sponsored by Fuze Forge visual

GameWard Cup sponsored by Fuze Forge

Our Esports Partner GameWard organizes live Fortnite tournament named GameWard Cup that will be broadcasted on their Twitch channel on 25th of May. The brand of Digital Virgo Group’s gaming platform Fuze Forge supports this tournament by offering a cash prize of 1000€ to the best pro player in EU.

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Evina logo and the effects of covid19 on the Mobile Monetization Market

The Effects of Covid-19 on the Mobile Monetization Market

Digital Virgo’s anti-fraud partner, Evina, interviewed the leading experts in the field of Mobile Monetization to know more about the impact of Covid-19 on the Industry. The experts shared their feedback, including Vincent Taradel, CMO at Digital Virgo. In the interview, he emphasized the importance of security in mobile transactions during this particularly critical period.

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Fuze Forge app is now available on Google Play and App Store

Fuze Forge app is now available on Google Play & App Store

The brand of  Digital Virgo  Group’s gaming platform Fuze Forge is now available on Google Play and App Store providing premium content for all gaming fans via a dedicated app. Fuze Forge is an active player in the esport industry, with more than 1,3 million unique users per month.

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