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Automatization is the Key to Success – an Interview with Emilie Gharbi

Digital Virgo is a company that has a range of services such as Digital Marketing, Data Management and User Acquisition. This means that our teams can deliver the best optimization processes for our partners and clients. The global scope of campaigns at Digital Virgo means that automatization plays an important role. Our teams of Media Traders manage ad campaigns through third-party websites such as Google 360. They have a unique skill to blend creative and analytic skills to make sure that the correct message is getting to the right audience globally. Emilie recently sat down to talk about automatization and how Digital Virgo uses it in their campaigns.

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Digital Virgo poster about a year of data

A year of Data at Digital Virgo

In 2020, 6 Billion transactions and 100 Billion lines of data have been collected and managed by Digital Virgo’s teams. Discover how we analyze and transform these data acquired from Mobile Payment transactions and Digital Marketing to support our partners to boost their revenues.

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Advantages of a modern data stack infrastructure visual

Five Advantages of our Modern Data Stack Infrastructure

In this article, you will find out how Digital Virgo organizes its more than 100 billion lines of Data collected to drive the performance of its Payment, Monetization and Marketing activities. Discover the advantages of the Modern Data Stack infrastructure created combining Fivetran, Snowflake & Looker.

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