CTO Julien Menard Sits Down With Amazon Web Services

Over the last month, our CTO Julien Menard has been working with Amazon Web Services through a video interview and at an official event to discuss how AWS has positively impacted Digital Virgo. Digital Virgo relies on AWS to handle all the data that we process daily. Seasonal data from large events or campaigns needs to be processed in real-time through AWS’s solutions.

Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Julien was at VivaTech in Paris to discuss how using AWS Marketplace is simplifying the IT procurement process for Digital Virgo as we are signing our main SAAS providers, such as Snowflake, Fivetran or HighTouch, through the Marketplace. He touched on the challenges faced by Digital Virgo such as license terms agreement, invoicing and payment processes which were solved by adopting the MP. The principle of a deeper integration with some internal systems to deal with some legal topics, like the KYC validation, has been shared too, and received positive feedback from the attendees as well from the AWS Teams.  

In the video, Julien Menard discusses how our tech team across the globe needs an adaptable solution that not only works with different team members but can handle any amount of data that is processed. AWS’s infrastructure allows data to be processed faster and with larger capacity especially during peak times such as during large events like the FIFA World Cup. 

Watch the video in French here 

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