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A year of Data at Digital Virgo

In 2019, more than 100 Billion lines of Data have been collected and managed by Digital Virgo's teams. Data from transactions and marketing campaigns. Discover One Year of Data at Digital Virgo...

Data management, analysis and transformation is at the heart of Digital Virgo’s growth strategies. No matter the expertise: Telecom Payment, Monetization or Marketing, it is an essential lever for decision-making and services performance.

Large volumes of Data

Powerful Tracking tools (AppsFlyer, Google Analytics, Adjust, Branch, Apsalar, Kochava) enable us to collect Data from more than 10 million end-user interactions each year. Data generated from Telecom Payment transactions but also from more than 1,000 advertising accounts.

From Big Data to Smart Data

Our experts don’t just collect a large volume of data, they analyze, segment, filter, convert and all this… In real time. They create Smart Data. Decision-making is faster and therefore more efficient, problems are detected and corrected instantly.


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