Democratize Access to Data with Looker and Digital Virgo

Our Head of Analytics, Anthony Gianastasio, in the recent webinar shares how Digital Virgo is managing data with the Looker platform.
visual about democratizing Data access with Looker and Digital Virgo

Present in more than 25 countries

Today, Digital Virgo has over 25 offices worldwide, more than 40 countries in operation, 850 employees and is counting its annual turnover of 270 million euros. With 5 billion transactions and 100 Billion Data rows – our Data Team is constantly searching on how to make the best use of all the acquired data.

Google Analytics 360 + Looker

The introduction of Google Analytics became an important milestone for Digital Virgo. It helped to collect very specific data to our business operations (Telecom Payment/Monetization). We also needed Integration of Google Marketing Platform to exploit our advertising audience. But with the interface of Google Analytics it was difficult to get open access and bring all this data to all the teams internally. The solution was to get the Looker platform in order to exploit the data more efficiently. 

The result: In a matter of days, we were able to build an Explore gathering our 40 Google Analytics datasets in BigQuery thanks to the existing Looker Block. Some months later, we got all our data sources modelled in Looker and almost 100 users exploring every week!

We invite you to watch the full webinar here (the video is in French): Click here to view original web page at

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