How mixing subscription and single purchase models can bring more value ?

Subscription and single purchase models have proved themselves in time to be effective in building a regular income and user base for Merchants. Digital Virgo builds solutions for Content Producers to help them to achieve their monetization objectives. By providing not only subscription model, our Team adds upsell solutions through single purchase to keep always creating more value to its partners.
Mixing Subscription and Single Purchase background

When to use single purchase business model?

This can be relevant for some specific situations:

  • If some premium content can’t be included in the subscription offer, such as AAA (video games produced and distributed by major publishers) and new PC games releases
  • For movies just released in VOD and only accessible in TVOD
  • For live content, especially in sports, with a pay per view approach (providing a way to pay for matches)

An offer for Gaming and VOD : mixing two business models

Based on these facts, DV now offers these alternatives for Gaming and VOD offers:

Taking as an example our Fuze Forge gaming platform, with an original value proposition for customers, they can do both :

  • Subscription = an unlimited access to :
    • a catalog of +3000 games (PC, Android, html5)
    • an e-sport platform and exclusive streaming video content
  • Single purchase = a permanent discount on a store of +3000 games sold in single purchase
    • Premium content with worldwide recognized games

Another example goes for our VOD platform « Playvod ». Digital Virgo partnered with various studios, in order to propose both SVOD & TVOD.

  • SVOD enabling customers to access an unlimited catalog of movies and series.
  • Meanwhile, a wide choice of newest movies are also sold through single purchase business model with TVOD.

A win-win solution at every level

By mixing these two models, it becomes beneficial for both consumers and merchants :

  • For Consumers – bringing value to the them by combining two purchasing models and proposing a wide range of premium content that goes beyond the simple subscription offer.
  • For Content Producers – enabling Digital Virgo to expand its offer, proposing not only bigger distribution opportunities, but also bigger audience and potential consumers for content producers and publishers.
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