Introducing Digital Virgo’s Positive Impact Report 

The Positive Impact program underlines our commitment to integrating social and environmental responsibility into our corporate mission. This approach is the result of close collaboration between the departments and services of the Group throughout the world. Their efforts, creativity and enthusiasm are at the heart of the actions presented in this program, reflecting the human commitment that drives our Group. The 2023 activity and results’ report is now available.
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The Positive Impact program is the materialization of Digital Virgo’s social and environmental commitment through significant actions that reflect our determination to act responsibly. Whether it’s through energy-saving initiatives, the promotion of environmentally friendly transport, or our active participation in solidarity projects, our goal is to make a significant contribution to a more responsible society. 

Our Positive Impact approach embodies Digital Virgo’s ambition to combine performance and responsibility. It reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility, social involvement, responsible innovation, and ethical governance, while creating long-term value for our partners. 

This year’s Positive Impact report is an invitation to explore how Digital Virgo is putting its commitments into action. We look forward to continuing on this path, convinced that collaboration and sharing our values are essential to overcoming the challenges ahead. Together, let’s work towards a future where operational excellence and social engagement converge towards a business model that is both prosperous and responsible.


The Positive Impact Approach

Digital Virgo’s Positive Impact approach underlines the commitment to creating a sustainable working environment and making a positive impact on society. Focused on the effective management of our ecosystem, this initiative places people at the heart of every project, promoting an inclusive and dynamic workspace. At the same time, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through environmentally responsible work practices.

Our approach is to develop strategies to optimize the use of resources and encourage diversity, while supporting the personal and professional development of our teams. By aligning our actions with sustainable development objectives, Digital Virgo aims to generate a beneficial impact, both internally and externally, contributing to conscious and responsible growth.

Governance Committee

The Group has been pursuing an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy since 2018. Aware of the importance of social, societal and environmental issues, the Group considers the Positive Impact approach to be a moral obligation towards its employees and stakeholders.

The Positive Impact approach is the result of cross-functional collaboration between departments within Digital Virgo, in particular between Human Resources, Communications, Technical, Finance, Marketing and Products, Legal and General Resources.

A Positive Impact Committee was set up in 2022 to deploy and monitor this policy at Group level. Led by the Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, the Committee is made up of 2 coordinators and 8 business referents (Human Resources, Communications, General Resources, IT, Compliance, Finance). The Committee meets every 2 months. In 2023, we conducted a double materiality analysis, which highlighted our sustainability challenges. This reflection was led by the Positive Impact Committee, along with the different departments of the Group.

The Four Pillars

Pillar 01 | A Safe and Sustainable Ecosystem


Digital Virgo addresses technological challenges and regulatory requirements, with ethics and innovation at the heart of its priorities.
Our commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable ecosystem can be seen in the protection of personal data, the fight against fraud, the promotion of transparency, and enhanced cyber security, reflecting our vision of an ethical and sustainable future.

Pillar 02 | Having a Positive Impact on Society


Digital Virgo is actively committed to gender equality and community support through a range of initiatives on a global scale. Our efforts to promote inclusion and support social causes include campaigns for a range of awareness-raising activities, from support for victims of violence to education projects. These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to making a positive contribution to the societies in which we operate, underlining our dedication to global social responsibility.

Pillar 03 | Our Teams have an Impact


In 2023, Digital Virgo has raised its commitment to education, exchanges and community initiatives. Activities such as information webinars, afterworks and participation in the ‘Happy Index At Work’ survey aimed to improve both the working environment and the well-being of our employees.
At the same time, our ‘Positive Impact’ efforts in 11 countries illustrated the cohesion and initiative of our teams, underlining our aspiration to promote global and inclusive development.

Pillar 04 | Eco-Responsibility


Digital Virgo is committed to an eco-responsible approach, conscious of its role in preserving the environment. Our environmental policy, which focuses on promoting environmentally-friendly behavior within the company, aims to anchor this orientation in the long term.
We encourage eco-responsible initiatives and comply with the environmental standards, reflecting our desire to minimize our ecological impact and respond to the environmental concerns of our stakeholders.

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