Reflecting on our user acquisition during the lockdown

During the period of covid-19 crisis, the number of clicks on our ad campaigns raised from 3,400,000 to 5,400,000 views per day. It was more than ever important for our Teams to optimize the customer acquisition and loyalty strategies. We want to share with you how we supported the higher flow of user engagement during this period.
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A record number of impressions

In the spin of 3 years, it is a record-breaking level of engagement for Digital Virgo. This period showed us that user acquisition is always about being user centred by focusing on the audience needs and expectations. In order to support the increase of our user acquisition flow, we optimized the ad campaigns based on the audience needs. That’s why our Teams worked on high performance banners which gave us the opportunity to lead new users to our landing pages in order to increase the traffic on our video, games and sport platforms.

Know your audience

It is important to identify your audience and potential users that would be interested in using the service. We have a big footprint on Google and with its help, we can optimize the user behaviour, searches, interests, needs and goals. Thanks to that, we propose the right content to the right audience at the right time.

So what was our strategy?

Our confinement strategy was built on these main points:

– Understand what users need during confinement and find occupations: Sport, Videos, Gaming, VOD, Lifestyle, Reading, Social apps…

– Find/create the most relevant content to meet those needs.

– Specifically target each of those needs.

– Adapt the message on the Ad to captivate the Internet user according to its interests.

The most popular platforms

Thanks to our performative strategy, here is our most popular platforms during the period of the lockdown, implemented by our DV Content solution:

  • PlayVOD – Movie platform, VOD Category.
  • Fuze Forge – Video games and e- Sport platform, Gaming category.
  • Peak – Fitness app, Sport category.
  • Veedz – Video Do it Yourself, Influencers category.

You call find all our Categories on:

What services were less performative?

Affected by the circumstances of the lockdown were mainly two categories: dating and sports news. Due to the cancelled football matches and other sport competitions, as well as closed coffee places, the services with social interaction were less profitable. Without a doubt, with the confinement going to an end, everything will come back to its usual performativity (as a matter of fact, the demand of dating apps doubled in the past few years, read more).

The challenging circumstances of confinement gave us an opportunity to re-establish our user acquisition and build different patterns to attract new high-quality users.

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