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3 football players celebrate a goal at the Africa Cup of Nations

Top 3 Ways to Engage Your Audience During the Africa Cup of Nations

Major sporting events are known to attract large audiences and this year the Africa Cup of Nations is no different. Telcos have the unique opportunity to engage their audiences which can boost customer numbers and long-term customer loyalty. Digital Virgo offers several solutions for companies to reach out to their customers to increase loyalty and engagement to boost revenue. This is just a small part of what made to measure solutions can do for Telcos.

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Why Glocal Customer Loyalty Programs are Essential to Entertain and Retain Customers

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way to reach a new customer base and retain current clients. Our glocal teams can create loyalty programs that not only reach the widest audience possible over different promotional channels but are tailored to local sensibilities. These programs can be promoted over different channels such as landing pages, tv and radio media as well as partner promotions.

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Poster about launching Botola Quiz loyalty program for inwi

Launching Botola Quiz loyalty program for inwi

Digital Virgo strengthens inwi subscribers’ loyalty by launching Botola Quiz in Morocco. It is the first operation of its kind to hold the exclusive rights to the Botola National Championship and the National football team. Attractive prizes, customer retention and adapted content – all supported by an SMS payment strategy that fits perfectly with the user’s journey. Discover more!

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[MENTION] Ooredoo awards the winners of Fortuna Quiz

They talk about us! MosaiqueFM in their recent article shared the winners of Fortuna Quiz, the game, launched by Ooredoo in partnership with Digital Virgo. Bringing loyalty to OOREDOO TUNISIE subscribers by providing a chance to win several prizes – find out more in the article!

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Our Team in Tunisia launched their first Mega Promo loyalty program in partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia

Launching our first MEGA PROMO with OOREDOO TUNISIA

Our Team in Tunisia launched their first Mega Promo loyalty program in partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia. Bringing loyalty to the Telco with a Multichannel Mega Promo that gives Ooredoo Tunisia subscribers the opportunity to win several prizes, among them: cash, cars and other prizes. Read more about our loyalty program!

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