Launching our first MEGA PROMO with OOREDOO TUNISIA

Our Team in Tunisia launched their first Mega Promo loyalty program in partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia. Bringing loyalty to the Telco with a Multichannel Mega Promo that gives Ooredoo Tunisia subscribers the opportunity to win several prizes, among them: cash, cars and other prizes. Read more about our loyalty program!
Our Team in Tunisia launched their first Mega Promo loyalty program in partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia

Bringing loyalty to Ooredoo Tunisia customers

Fortuna Quiz is a a multichannel mega quiz game accessible via USSD, SMS and Web that allows OOREDOO TUNISIE subscribers to answer a series of questions (textual and Multimedia) giving them the opportunity to accumulate points and win MEGA prizes: cash, cars and many other gifts.

What are the advantages?

Subscribers, can choose what they want to win and also throw witch channel they want to participate, in accordance with their usual user experience and their preferred channel (USSD, SMS, Web) : many clubs, different subscriptions and playing channels include various gifts and opportunities to win prizes every week and month.

How to play?

To subscribing whether to Premium Club (CA$H) and/or Car Club subscription: in both answering 3 questions each day. Subscription is allowed via USSD, SMS and Web.

More info:

3rd option – Heavy players can Pay-As-You-Go: Once the daily quota of 3 questions is used up, users can add a Legend pack to continue playing and unlock an additional 6-question pack at 900 millimes per pack.

Furthermore, subscribers playing through Web Channel, have the opportunity to win extra Gifts. This option encourages digital and data usage, especially for the New Digital Generation.

Loyalty as essential lever for Telcos

At Digital Virgo, we believe that loyalty solutions are outlined to acquire end users and strengthen customer loyalty, especially for Carriers operating in a prepaid environment.

Thanks to attractive prizes, the interactivity programs boost usage of the service and increase ARPU in a long run. Watch the promo video.

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