5 Reasons to integrate Chatbots in your Customer Retention strategy

With the development of technology and the increasing demands of consumers, many companies chose to use conversational robots. With a relational marketing logic, Chatbots are a managing solution for customer relationships. Here are 5 reasons why chatbots are important to your business.
5 reasons to integrate chatbots in your retention strategy visual

Considered as a new communication tool, the chatbot uses artificial intelligence to chat with users, offer them services adapted to their needs, respond to their requests or send them news, based on a decision tree. Efficient and revolutionary, it answers even the most cutting-edge questions. What are the benefits of chatbots for companies ?

1. Improving Customer journey

In a digitalization context, where consumers are increasingly autonomous in their information retrieval processes, active customer support can offer several advantages in the different stages of the customer journey.

The chatbots, help to improve the customer experience through a continuous and personalized requests management. They have the ability to filter questions asked by your customers and identify their problems in order to provide them with a tailor-made answers. And this is how a company can maintain and even increase its retention rate.

 2. Reducing expenses 

It is undeniable that chatbots cannot replace human capital. However, companies can reduce their workforce and thus save human resource costs while improving the performance of their employees who will work on other high value-added tasks. In case of your chatbot is unable to answer one of the questions of your customers, the human intervenes to fix the malfunction and maintain the customer journey which cannot be interrupted.

 3. Availability 24/7

A customer who does not wait is a happy customer. The availability of your customer service is an important point in the satisfaction of your customers. Tireless and always ready, chatbots are the soldiers who will take charge of the requests and claims of your customers. Unlike individuals, chatbots provide instant responses 24/7. 

Henceforth, your customers haven’t to worry any more about your working hours, your chatbot is always there ready to answer.

4. Constitution of DATA Base

Interaction with your customers is a real source of data. Indeed, thanks to the use of chatbots, you can collect information about your customers (data, consumption habits, preferences… etc), so you can better understand their motivations, their requirements and also their expectations. This way, you will be able to respond effectively to all their requests. 

Personalization of responses is also a major asset in customer loyalty and engagement. It is necessary to process this information and integrate it to your chatbots. We should also mention the importance of DATA in targeting your marketing campaigns and its impact on your results.

5. Animation and Engagement

Did you know that It can cost five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one? Engaging your customers will only be based on a satisfying customer experience. Thanks to chatbots, you can create a close link with your customers by proposing an animation that suits their needs and requirements. Animation can be done on different platforms, especially on e-commerce sites and apps, on Messenger or Slack.. etc, but the tool that has the most popularity is the Facebook Messenger. Users can access the chatbot via the company’s Facebook page. The bot offers many contents : images, videos, links. .etc. The goal is to interact with customers and engage them. 

A committed customer will not hesitate to interact with you, to read your newsletters, to consult your offers, to ask for explanations in case of problems and also to recommend your services to his entourage unlike a dissatisfied customer. 

DV Loyalty Chatbots, for a better customer experience.

DV Loyalty teams provide their customers with fun ways to acquire and animate databases. Aimed primarily at Telecom Operators and media, they offer several services in the form of  game and Quiz. The customers can easily subscribe and play in order to earn cumulative points that will allow them to receive gifts and/or participate to win big prizes. 

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Download the infographic to memorize the 5 advantages of Chatbots.

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