Top 3 Ways to Engage Your Audience During the Africa Cup of Nations

Major sporting events are known to attract large audiences and this year the Africa Cup of Nations is no different. Telcos have the unique opportunity to engage their audiences which can boost customer numbers and long-term customer loyalty. Digital Virgo offers several solutions for companies to reach out to their customers to increase loyalty and engagement to boost revenue. This is just a small part of what made to measure solutions can do for Telcos.
3 football players celebrate a goal at the Africa Cup of Nations

Media operations to boost engagement 

Media companies are at the forefront of the fan experience. According to the Nielsen Global Sports Report, live sports is a key driving force of engagement. Distributing sport content is just one part of how media companies engage sport fans. Another way for media companies to reach out to their audiences during major sporting events, such as the Africa Cup of Nations, is by creating operations that allow people to call, SMS or simply use a QR code to enter a draw to win a range of prizes. This can include money or official merchandise from the event.

This classic approach to audience engagement and monetization means that there are a wide range of solutions available to media companies. According to the Confédération Africaine de Football, the Africa Cup of Nations attracts massive amounts of engagement with fans, as the event has over 900 million impressions across all channels and 2.8 million hours of views on YouTube on the day of the final (2021). This proves that this event is more important than ever to leverage fan engagement.  

“Sporting events like the Africa Cup of Nations can cross many divides for media companies. The built-in audience of a sporting event can increase a media company’s audience exponentially, so this is the time to increase engagement with operations that cross all forms of media. The increase in social media use during live events is a key opportunity to strengthen engagement which should be part of every media companies’ strategy.”

Irina Razafimahefa, Account Manager DV LIVE  

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Rewarding customer loyalty 

Retaining customers can also be at the forefront of a Telco’s agenda during large sporting event, since there are a lot of promotions to attract new customers and to help people change providers. Creating loyalty programs to reward customers is a great way to boost customer retention. Loyalty programs give customers the chance to be part of the action, go to the event or win a range of official merchandise. This action isn’t to be taken lightly as it involves a lot of organization and the ability to provide a range of prizes for winners. Working with a partner that has high level and quality experience in this area is recommended.  

“Loyalty programs can create unforgettable experiences for customers. To retain and boost client numbers, our glocal approach has proven extremely successful. Our teams prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement for Telcos through the programs we develop.” 

Zahra Harakat, Product Manager DV Loyalty 

Creating relevant content for customers 

Creating and distributing content isn’t as simple as it once was. The growth in the use of second screens during live sporting events is here to stay, with 51% of people checking live stats while watching sports, according to the Nielsen Global Sports Report. This means that Telcos now need to not only supplement their content, but think of new and engaging content that can stay up to date with live sporting matches. This is just one part of how content can be maximized for client retention, profiting from the popularity of gaming is another way. Gamification is being rolled out across platforms to boost customer engagement, such as creating fantasy sports games using the latest real-world data. The future is letting customers not only watch the matches, but putting them in the action with their favorite players.  

The second screen phenomenon has already taken Gen Z by storm; it is now up to content providers and publishers to seize the moment with sporting events like the Africa Cup of Nations. Gamification and interactive content speaks to the younger generation and gets them involved in more than just watching their idols. Creating a unique fan experience is key to boosting customer engagement across all ages.” 

Lamiaa Lemkhantar, Product Manager DV CONTENT 

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Overall, whichever road a Telco takes to engage customers during the Africa Cup of Nations, the main takeaway is to put customers at the forefront. The event, which is focused on the African continent, is broadcasted around the world and provides a unique opportunity to reach millions of people across a broad range of demographics. Don’t let this opportunity slip and reach out now to discuss how our experts can provide unique tailor-made solutions.  

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