Why Glocal Customer Loyalty Programs are Essential to Entertain and Retain Customers

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way to reach a new customer base and retain current clients. Our glocal teams can create loyalty programs that not only reach the widest audience possible over different promotional channels but are tailored to local sensibilities. These programs can be promoted over different channels such as landing pages, tv and radio media as well as partner promotions.

Local Teams for Local Action

Customer loyalty programs are not a new phenomenon. Over the years, most businesses have tried to find the best possible ways to retain customers and build their customer bases. As the current state of the world changes, customer loyalty programs are a great way to retain a customer base. Creating programs that speak to a customer base needs a glocal touch so that they reach as many people as possible with the right message. A recent study by Antavo (1) on Customer Loyalty, found that 67.7% of respondants plan to increase their investments in customer retention. Reaching the right audiences can be a struggle for companies, taking into consideration current social and economic trends. Understanding cultural, lingual and local sensibilities is paramount.  

Adapting, Growing and Evolving Throughout a Campaign

Our teams don’t just create the customer loyalty program, they see the entire campaign through to the end. From constant data monitorization and collection to making sure that the campaign is on target to reach its goals or to adapt and change depending on the data. This gives each campaign the best chance of success to reach the goals. Using third-party vendors for customer loyalty programs has proven success with infrastructure and technology already available. Antavo’s study (1) into customer loyalty programs showed that 47.7% of those surveyed used a third-party vendor to manage their loyalty programs and over 60% were satisfied with their loyalty program. 

Working with Ooredoo Tunisia to Boost Customer Retention

One of our loyalty programs, Fortuna Sports Quiz, recently ran a Ramadan campaign in Tunisia with positive results. Our team has gone above and beyond to create a program that retains customers while reaching out to a new customer base using digital marketing practices. During Ramadan, the quiz was promoted through several channels in Tunisia such as social media, landing pages and media spots. Leveraging social media has by far seen the biggest engagement with 1.4 million views on YouTube in 5 days on Ooredoo Tunisia’s channel, along with the positive comments in the comment section. This pales in comparison to another promotion with the Paris Saint-Germain football team (PSG), the official partner of Ooredoo with 1.5 million views for a shared reel in just 3 days. These actions significantly increased customer retention as well as onboarding new customers. Working with Ooredoo Tunisia to provide not only the quiz but the digital marketing strategy means that our teams work closely with the partners to optimize their objectives.  

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(1) Antavo: Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023

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