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Challenges of the post purchase experience in Carrier Billing

Post-purchase experience. How to improve customer satisfaction through better communication of the Carrier Billing offer?

As expert in Carrier Billing and privileged partner of telecom operators, Digital Virgo works daily to create a sustainable mobile payment ecosystem adapted to end-user expectations. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the concerns faced by industry players and the post-purchase in the customer journey is a key point for business success. Let’s take a closer look at the main challenges around post-purchase behavior.

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Replay MEF Webinar: Direct Carrier Billing for Growth

[REPLAY] Direct Carrier Billing for Growth – to infinity and beyond @MEF Webinar

Last week we participated in the webinar dedicated to Direct Carrier Billing for Growth, organized by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Ignacio Molto, Regulation & Payment Process Director at Digital Virgo, shared key insights on the importance of regulation to achieve a sustainable Carrier Billing ecosystem and above all to achieve customer satisfaction as an industry of innovation. Don’t miss out the replay!

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