[REPLAY] Direct Carrier Billing for Growth – to infinity and beyond @MEF Webinar

Last week we participated in the webinar dedicated to Direct Carrier Billing for Growth, organized by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Ignacio Molto, Regulation & Payment Process Director at Digital Virgo, shared key insights on the importance of regulation to achieve a sustainable Carrier Billing ecosystem and above all to achieve customer satisfaction as an industry of innovation. Don’t miss out the replay!
Replay MEF Webinar: Direct Carrier Billing for Growth

In the last webinar organized by MEF “Direct Carrier Billing for growth – to infinity and beyond”, different experts shared interesting reflections on the global Carrier Billing situation and on the need for the industry to consolidate it as a trusted payment method.

During the webinar, Ignacio Molto, Regulation & Payment Process Director at Digital Virgo, shared key insights on the importance of regulation in the DCB business, highlighting the opportunities coming from the European PSD2 regulation as well as the direct impact it has on customer satisfaction. Watch the Replay below!

The importance of promoting DCB

As members of the DCB for Growth by MEF working group, we can say that a great job is done in bringing together different key players in the industry – to share best practices, identify trends and above all to achieve a common goal: position DCB as a globally trusted payment method.

Key things that need to be done to really drive adoption of DCB as a payment method is to continue to work together to position customer satisfaction at the heart of mobile payment success. It has to be a priority for the whole industry and is at the heart of the challenges facing the main players in the alternative payment method sectors, especially mobile payments. Regulation, security, transparency, customer service, all have the common goal of improving customer satisfaction.

But undoubtedly the most important thing, in addition to working together to maintain a sustainable carrier billing ecosystem, is to globally promote carrier billing. So far, we have worked to improve the business, to ensure security and now it is time to tell the story of the DCB opportunity potential – that is our main mission right now.

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