Upgrading our offer for Telcos with Paramount Pictures

A new licensing deal with Paramount Pictures opens new opportunities to strengthen our offer for Telcos, providing access to additional premium quality movies with our PlayVOD service. Mission: Impossible, Transformers, Star Trek… and many other blockbusters are joining our catalog of movies, offering outstanding entertainment from one of the most renowned studios in the world.
New partnership with the major film studio Paramount

Local adaptation – developed in more than 17 countries

Local Adaptation plays a significant role in our global business strategy, so our PlayVOD platform not only brings famous international movies, appreciated by all ages and tastes, but is also designed to meet the needs of local audiences. ‘‘Customer satisfaction is totally linked to the quality of the services users are paying for. When we talk about quality, we are referring to locally tailored content, as well as trusted services. Being able to offer turnkey platforms while managing the entire merchant lifecycle is a clear advantage for our Carrier partners” said Vincent Taradel, CMO @ Digital Virgo.

Available in 17 countries: France and Belgium (FR & Flemish speaking), Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq.

Our Strategy on Premium Content with DCB connection

Mobile Payment is seen as one of the most effective payment methods, especially in the low-banking areas. By offering a flexible solution with premium content, we also offer a fast and secure connection to the service without using credit or debit card details. It opens a new network of Merchants and provides steady business growth opportunities.

Read more about our adventure.

We are building expansive agreements with premium content producers in order to deliver rich content for our Telco clients with our content monetization expertise. This deal with Paramount highlights our position as a key distributor for Content Producers, Publishers and Telecom Operators.

We offer to our PlayVOD users a wide range of movies and best-in-class content, also providing a very rich library of local content. The service is designed to offer a premium quality experience with thousands of videos and movies accessible via any device.

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