10 Reasons Why Digital Virgo is Best Aggregator 2020

Last month Digital Virgo was awarded as Best Aggregator 2020 at the Global Carrier Billing Summit. The award recognises the most innovative aggregator, who is addressing the biggest issues and providing the solutions and services which allow the secure delivery of Direct Carrier Billing. Want to know the 10 reasons why Digital Virgo obtained this award? Discover our infographic!
Why Digital Virgo is Best Aggregator 2020 infographic

Facilitating an innovative and secure Carrier Billing ecosystem 

During the last years, Digital Virgo’s focus has been on improving our position in the DCB market by growing our implementations, increasing our connections, investing in new technologies and consolidating our global presence. All these achievements made it possible for us to facilitate an innovative and secure Carrier Billing ecosystem. Thanks to this, we are proud to be elected Best Aggregator 2020 at the Global Carrier Billing Summit. 

In Digital Virgo, our aim is to support Carriers and Merchants in managing a sustainable DCB ecosystem. In order to achieve this goal, we intervene in three main levers

1.Technology and innovation: A cutting-edge technology is paramount for an efficient Carrier Billing solution. DV Pass, our next generation payment solution, is constantly adapting and evolving to support all components of DCB management and much more. 

2.Global strategies: An approach beyond the payment solution is necessary when we want to be our clients’ business growth partner. Digital Virgo deploys global strategies that take into account strategic aspects such as Digital Marketing or Legal & Compliance considerations.

3.Local adaptation and expertise: In a global business in which all technical, commercial and relational aspects differ depending on the geographical area, local adaptation plays a key role in the solid performance of our business. In Digital Virgo we prioritize our clients’ cultural and technological needs no matter where they are in the world. 

Ultimately, our DV Pass solution enhanced by our global presence and local expertise, brings sustainable growth.

Within these 3 levers we can identify 10 reasons why we are Best Aggregator 2020Download our infographic! 

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