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Increase Telco Customer Engagement with CNS Fantasy Football

Finding new customers as well as retaining a customer base means creating new and unique ways to utilize content that they want to see and connect with. Now Digital Virgo offers a unique interactive way for Telco customers to immerse themselves in the upcoming football season. CNS Fantasy Football strengthens our Clicnscores sport offer by creating a fun way for people to not only get the latest news and statistics but also interact with them. Available on iOS and Android, this application is ready for Clicnscores subscribers where it’s available.

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White Label Gaming with Orange Tunisia

Gaming continues to dominate mobile content to boost customer growth and retention. Orange Tunisia is the latest telco to take the next step into eSports with the launch of Orange Arena. A 360 eSport gaming solution for customers to compete, learn and stay updated with the latest local and international news. Digital Virgo has not only provided the gaming platform but has also worked with Orange Tunisia to create a promotional package to ensure the platforms’ success.

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Man using his phone as a second screen while watching TV

Interview: LaLiga & Digital Virgo discuss the Second Screen Phenomenon

On the occasion of Telecoms World Middle East in Dubai, Digital Virgo and LaLiga sat down to talk about one of the most recent trends when it comes to digital content consumption: the use of a second screen, normally a smartphone, while watching TV. Frederico Rosato (Digital Virgo Group Sales Director) and Luis Cardenas (Head of Partnerships Middle East & Africa at La Liga) took the stage in front of the crowd to discuss the topic and introduce the companies’ latest collaboration, LaLiga Xtra app. Dive deep into the highlights of their conversation.

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Delivering Premium Content with MTN Play in South Africa

For the first time, DV Content’s service PlayVOD is now available on MTN Play in South Africa, a multi-thematic hub that connects subscribers to a world of the best mobile content and entertainment. Subscribers are able to access a range of videos on demand from their mobile devices from the PlayVOD catalog. Partnering with MTN South Africa is a major step for DV Content and it’s just the start of delivering premium content in the region.

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TF1 Group Channels are now available on DV CONTENT services in Africa

Offering the best content solutions to subscribers, DV CONTENT has just gotten better with a new deal to distribute 7 TF1 Group channels to Francophone countries in Africa. These channels will be available on subscription only services for all subscribers in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia. The deal, that started in June 2022, will last for 3 years.

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Streamlined Customer Experience with Clicnscores  

Digital Virgo continually strives to distribute relevant and up-to-date content that can be monetized for telco subscribers. The latest offering from DV CONTENT is our new update to Clicnscores, our premium sports digital service. Digital Virgo improves on an already great service by harnessing the power of our exclusive partnerships and technical teams. Providing premium digital sports services for subscribers is just one part of our full service offers.

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Full-Service eSports platform launched in Egypt

Digital Virgo has launched a full-service eSports platform in Egypt with Etisalat Misr, the Egyptian Telecom company. This platform will be available to all subscribers of Etisalat Games. It will be the premier eSports platform in Egypt delivering top-tier educational and entertaining content. The platform launched at the start of August is the latest achievement for Digital Virgo’s expansion in the Middle East.

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eSports Partnership Gaming

Digital Virgo and Etisalat Misr eSport Partnership Announcement 

On July 26th 2022, Digital Virgo and Etisalat, the Egyptian Telco announced an exclusive eSport deal at a press conference in Cairo. This deal means that Digital Virgo will be providing Etisalat eSport content with our exclusive partners, Anubis Gaming, world eSport champions and GB Arena, the best eSports tournament organizers in Egypt. This partnership is one more step for Digital Virgo’s progress in the Middle East.

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