The Living App of Magistral, Digital Virgo’s e-learning service, is now available on Movistar Plus+

The new Living App of Magistral, the mobile e-learning service created by Digital Virgo and Tuiwok Estudios (Banijay Iberia), is now available in the educational content catalogue of Movistar Plus+. Under the slogan "learning from the best", the company's more than one million customers in Spain can now enjoy and learn new skills on the platform through the various online masterclasses given by renowned influencers and experts.
TV shows homepage of Magistral on Movistar Plus+

New Movistar Plus+ Living Apps, the best way to learn through TV

The new Movistar Plus+ Living Apps, that features Magistral, allow you to learn, through TV, with educational training content. This new way of learning is already part of the wide educational offer that Movistar Plus+ brings to its customers. In the “education and culture” section, users of the platform will find the best content to acquire the knowledge that best suits their needs.

Accessing the Living Apps learning platform is very simple: in the Movistar Plus+ menu, select the “Apps” section and navigate to the “education and culture” menu. There you can discover all the educational content and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. The new Living Apps incorporate educational content from leaders in the world of education on various topics such as finance, music, languages, cooking, creativity and lifestyle, among others.

Find out everything you need to know about the Movistar Plus+ education and culture Living Apps in this video.

Premium content of Magistral by Digital Virgo

The educational catalogue of Movistar Plus+ incorporates some of the courses of Magistral, the innovative e-learning service created by the DV Content team of Digital Virgo, through a specific Living App:

  • Professional photography and creative retouching, with Sr. Zeta – Photographer and Youtube Content Creator
  • Informal method to improve your English, with Gominuke – Strategist and digital content creator for Tuiwok Estudios (Banijay Iberia).
  • Become a Youtuber, with Sr. Cheeto – Expert Content Creator for Youtube, Podcasts, Radio and Television

Magistral, a disruptive service for content monetization

Digital Virgo’s DV Content team has created Magistral in collaboration with Tuiwok Estudios, a leading digital content production company. It is a disruptive service dedicated to learning new disciplines taught by expert influencers.

Magistral has specialised courses in photography, influencers and fashion, home economics, poker, English and financial trading; and it is planned to add new categories in the future. Each course consists of 6 master classes in video-pill format, each lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. Upon completion, users receive a certification and can share their progress on their social networks.

Want to know more about Magistral? Read this article or download the app in App Store or Google Play Store.

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