Magistral, your online masterclass: a disruptive service for content monetization

Digital Virgo’s content monetization solution, DV Content, expands its offer with Magistral, an innovative service dedicated to learning new skills under the concept “learn from the best”. In partnership with Endemol Shine Iberia, the service has 7 courses available and more than 40 premium and exclusive masterclasses to learn from recognized influencers.
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Premium content to enjoy while learning

The Group’s Spanish team created in partnership with Tuiwok Estudios – video digital division of Endemol Shine Iberia – an exclusive service dedicated to learning new skills from influencers. The famous producer chose Digital Virgo for its premium content monetization due to its ability to deploy global strategies made of Payment, Monetization and Digital Marketing. 

Magistral has specialized courses in photography, influencers and fashion, home economics, poker, English and financial trading; and will incorporate more categories in the future. Each course is made up of 6 masterclasses in video-pill format with a duration of between 5 and 10 minutes each. Upon completion users receive a certification and can share their evolution on their social networks.

The best instructors of each discipline

Within Magistral you will find the following exclusive courses taught by recognized influencers in each discipline:

  • Professional photography and creative retouching, with Mr. Zeta – Photographer and Youtube Content Creator
  • Learn to be an influencer, with Marta Carriedo – Influencer and IT Girl
  • Control and management of your home economy, with Olga and Antuán – Lifestyle Youtubers
  • Learn how to win at Texas Holdem Poker, with David Luzago – Professional poker player / Director and host of MarcaPoker on Radio Marca / TV poker announcer
  • Informal method to improve your English, with Gominuke – Lifestyle Youtuber
  • Training in financial trading, with Francisca Serrano Writer and trader in international markets / Founder of Escuela Bolsa and Trading for Dummies
  • Become a Youtuber, with Mr. Cheeto Youtube Content Creator

Telecom Payment and Digital Marketing integration

Accessible on web mobile and apps, Magistral is available in Spain, and will soon be rolled out in other countries.

Digital Virgo natively integrates Direct Carrier Billing to its products to optimize the monetization of content, as it is a fast, simple and secure payment method, ideal for digital services. The company has connected its Telecom Payment platform with the four main carriers in Spain, allowing users to access premium content through a weekly or monthly subscription.

The Group also ensures qualified traffic through its performance-based digital marketing solution DV ADTECH.

A disruptive monetization solution, generating revenue and traffic thanks to Digital Virgo’s complementary expertise in Payment, Monetization, and Digital Marketing.

Find Magistral on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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