Video Content Strategies as an important lever in our Global Performance game

Digital Virgo is recognized in the Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem for its unique positioning as an expert in global strategies made of Telecom Payment, Monetization and Digital Marketing. This time, we want to highlight our Digital Marketing solution and its very important lever - Video Strategies.
visual it's all about global performance strategy

Telecom Payment included

Being recognized as The Best Aggregator 2020 (award) highlights us as a strategic partner that provides the secure delivery of Direct Carrier Billing. For our clients – Telecom Operators and Merchants – we offer DCB Integration with our DV Pass solution. Telecom Payment remains one of the most secure and fast way of payments, providing a huge potential of customers all around the world. 

It’s not just pure payment

But it’s not only that – earlier this month, we received an award as an expert in video strategy at Le Grand Prix de la Vidéo Numérique (transl. The Digital Video Award), reinforcing our unique positioning in Advertising. 

Our creative Team provides Content Monetization solutions for Content Producers and Publishers with our DV Content solution. Depending on the demand, we distribute or create a service dedicated for premium content offers (Read our latest deal with Plug In Digital). Thanks to our Premium Partnerships we offer: 

Premium Content exclusively available on the platforms of our products. We provide monetization strategies to Content Producers, Publishers and Carriers. 

One of the examples is “Fuze Forge – The Weekly Tips” by Gameward: every week, the Fuze Forge service is enriched with video guides on the biggest esport games: Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Overwatch… Tips and tricks available in French and English prepared by the pro players of the Gameward team.

Video Content Strategies

In order to create Global Performance Strategy, our DV Adtech team also provides promotion services and performative user acquisition to our clients. Our video content strategies are defined by: 

Marketing & Advertising – Deployment of targeted video advertising campaigns to boost the performance of our products and services. 

Dreamworks catalog promotion on PlayVOD: 

Editorial Animation of the audiences – Video creation for social networks in order to develop our communities and boost the engagement of our pages. 

What The Fuze: every month, gaming and esport influencers answer our questions in a ‘fast & curious’ way.

Thanks to the Wibbitz content creation platform, we were also able to increase the number of videos, produced each month and adopt a multi-country approach to video production.

Overall, Marketing, and in particular video, is an essential lever for the performance of Mobile Payment solutions carried by Digital Virgo. Find out more about our DV Pass, DV Content and DV Adtech solutions. 

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