Fuze Forge Offer Evolution with the Fuze Forge Pass

Gaming has now become a staple of any telco premium content offer. The immense popularity of this vertical means that gaming offers need to be continually evolved to attract and retain gamers as well as to boost revenue. Our teams have been working hard to fine tune Fuze Forge, our premier gaming platform. Now it is easier than ever to attract gamers with Fuze Forge Pass, the pass to unlimited gaming.

Fuze Forge Pass: making gaming more accessible 

Gaming has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms and telcos need to keep up with the demand from customers. DV CONTENT’s platform, Fuze Forge, has evolved to appeal to more gamers. Fuze Forge Pass opens the world of gaming with a more developed subscription offer. This unlimited offer is the natural evolution of an already solid one-off purchase endeavor. Aimed at hardcore gamers with 40 top PC games with over 2000 mobile games for HTML5 and Android, exclusive videos, and a 20% discount at Fuze Forge store. This proposition is game changing for DV CONTENT gaming platforms. Giving people more choices than ever before.  

The Fuze Forge platform offers a simplified customer journey so that gamers can get straight to playing games. Fuze Forge is constantly growing and developing with our partnerships to offer a wide variety of gaming titles. 

Evolving audience monetization methods   

Monetizing gaming has traditionally been through ad revenue but as users turn from ads with a 24% rise in US gamers reported “don’t like” banner or display ads according to a 2023 Data.ai report. Audience monetization must evolve to keep up with the demand for gaming. Newzoo reports that gen alpha and gen z gamers spend up to 21% and 17%, respectively, of their leisure time engaging with video games. By developing our subscription method to our Fuze Forge platform, gamers have not only more choice but the freedom to play as much as they want without limits. Fuze Forge also includes Fuze Forge Store where users could buy games as well as vouchers through a one-off purchase.  Also users can use Fuze Forge Editorial which featured editorial content for all gamers that want to stay up to date on the latest news in the gaming universe for free. The subscription method is aimed at growing telco client numbers and retention through an unlimited offer for an all you can play experience.  

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