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The State of the Gaming Industry in 2024

In the rapidly evolving realm of gaming, 2024 marks a significant milestone, especially in the domains of mobile gaming and eSports. As technology continues to advance and global connectivity reaches unprecedented heights, the gaming industry finds itself at the forefront of innovation and cultural influence. With mobile devices becoming more powerful and accessible, coupled with the exponential growth of eSports, the gaming landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift, redefining entertainment and competition for millions worldwide.

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Laptop screen with screenshot of Fuze Forge Pass

Fuze Forge Pass: The Unlimited Gaming Offer

Gaming has now become a staple of any telco premium content offer. The immense popularity of this vertical means that gaming offers need to be continually evolved to attract and retain gamers as well as to boost revenue. Our teams have been working hard to fine tune Fuze Forge, our premier gaming platform. Now it is easier than ever to attract gamers with Fuze Forge Pass, the pass to unlimited gaming.

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Picture of the CEO of Gameward, David Laniel

The Future of Gaming and eSports according to David Laniel, GameWard’s CEO

Gaming and eSports are at the core of Digital Virgo’s activity. For over 3 years, renowned French eSports team Gameward has been one of our key partners, offering users top quality content from professional players, it being video tutorials, news, gameplays and much more. Given our close collaboration, we took the opportunity to sit down with the team’s CEO, David Laniel, to discuss the future of the industry, what challenges and opportunities does the team face and how can partnerships be beneficial in the eSports realm. Check the interview.

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White Label Gaming with Orange Tunisia

Gaming continues to dominate mobile content to boost customer growth and retention. Orange Tunisia is the latest telco to take the next step into eSports with the launch of Orange Arena. A 360 eSport gaming solution for customers to compete, learn and stay updated with the latest local and international news. Digital Virgo has not only provided the gaming platform but has also worked with Orange Tunisia to create a promotional package to ensure the platforms’ success.

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Person playin video game

What does the Gaming Industry look like in 2023

The gaming industry has come a long way since its inception, with new advancements in technology, graphics, and gameplay leading to an ever-growing fan base and market. In 2023, the gaming industry is showing no signs of slowing down, with some exciting developments on the horizon. In this article, we explore what the gaming industry looks like in 2023.

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Mobile screen with Fuze Forge Cloud home page and Brazil flag in the background

Fuze Forge Cloud lands in Brazil integrated into Algar Telecom’s brand-new gaming platform, Game X Play

Brazil’s most innovative Cloud Gaming platform is now available through the operator Algar Telecom. Fuze Forge Cloud, the Cloud Gaming service developed by Digital Virgo, has just been launched in the country. The service will be available in the Game X Play platform, that will also include mobile games, articles and video content covering everything from eSports to tricks and tips delivered by pro teams.

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eSports Partnership Gaming

Digital Virgo and Etisalat Misr eSport Partnership Announcement 

On July 26th 2022, Digital Virgo and Etisalat, the Egyptian Telco announced an exclusive eSport deal at a press conference in Cairo. This deal means that Digital Virgo will be providing Etisalat eSport content with our exclusive partners, Anubis Gaming, world eSport champions and GB Arena, the best eSports tournament organizers in Egypt. This partnership is one more step for Digital Virgo’s progress in the Middle East.

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man plays videogame on his mobile phone

What does the Gaming Industry look like in 2022

The unstoppable growth of gaming globally is set to reach unprecedented levels in 2022. According to a recent Newzoo study on the sector, mobile gaming will generate an estimated $91.4 billion in revenue this year, accounting for almost 45% of the total Gaming Industry. This new scenario represents a unique opportunity for mobile operators in all territories to leverage this revenue stream and build user loyalty. In this regard, the expertise offered by Digital Virgo, both for telcos and premium merchants, is key to the expansion of this business line.

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