Digital Virgo and Team Queso continue their collaboration for the third consecutive year

Digital Virgo continues its firm commitment to the highest level of gaming content. To this end, the company has renewed, for the third consecutive year, its collaboration agreement with one of the world's leading eSports teams, Team Queso. In this way, Team Queso will continue to generate premium and exclusive content for DV Content, Digital Virgo's solution aimed at the content ecosystem. News, gameplays, tutorials and much more from the best professional gamers.
Digital Virgo and Team Queso logos over Gaming background

Mobile Gaming consolidates its hegemony in 2024

The gaming industry, especially in the mobile category, is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Despite the stabilisation of the market after the huge growth in 2020 and 2021, data from DataAI’s “State Of Mobile Gaming 2024” report shows that mobile gaming generated over $107 billion in revenue last year, with a total of over 87.89 billion downloads.

Gaming has evolved beyond being just casual entertainment. Each new generation integrates them more deeply into their daily lives. Today, video games represent the leading form of entertainment for the Alpha generation, surpassing social media, streaming movies and TV, according to data from a recent Newzoo study.

In this scenario, Digital Virgo, continues its firm commitment to integrate unique and quality content in its services through the best experts. To further enhance the eSports and mobile gaming experience, DV Content, Digital Virgo’s content ecosystem solution, will once again collaborate with Team Queso, one of the world’s leading eSports teams in mobile gaming, to continue offering premium content in its catalogue.

“In this new season together with Team Queso, we want to evolve and give more visibility to new content formats such as our Masterclass, where experts in the Gaming ecosystem will shed light on the advances in Web3, or the future of eSports in a video pill format,” says Enrique Galán, Product & License Manager at Digital Virgo.

Top quality, localised gaming content

A large part of the success of the content produced by Team Queso for Digital Virgo is the localisation and linguistic adaptation to make it accessible in different regions worldwide. Users can access news, masterclasses, tips, tricks, advice, reviews and exclusive videos in Spanish, English and French, with subtitles also available in these languages, as well as Arabic and Portuguese.

Highlights include specialised videos on popular games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and PUBG Mobile. In addition, Team Queso will continue to offer exclusive reviews of the latest releases in the gaming industry.

“With this new renewal, it is undeniable that the partnership between Digital Virgo and Team Queso is a solid alliance, dedicated to delivering the best in gaming content and with a strong commitment to the gaming community. Together, we are excited to continue elevating the fan experience, bringing knowledge and quality entertainment to the global community,” Alicia Morote, co-founder of Team Queso.

About Team Queso

Team Queso is an internationally leading Spanish eSports mobile gaming team. Founded in 2017 by Youtuber Alvaro845, also specialised in ‘mobile’, the club enjoys large communities in the main games of this category, having competed in world finals of Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor, Brawl Stars or Wild Rift in recent years.

Team Queso’s strategy also involves the creation of content in terms of both quality and quantity that is within the reach of few teams, with audiovisual pieces of all kinds uploaded to the different social networks to support the competitions and the players. Team Queso also has a network of influencers who cover the different games, including Alvaro845, WithZack and Spiuk among others. This gives greater notoriety, visibility and reach to the club’s actions.

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