Introducing “Park&Pay SMS”: easy parking for everyone, free until June 2nd 2024

With the launch of "Park&Pay SMS", APS and Digital Virgo simplify parking payment in Padua. This service can be used by all TIM, Vodafone or WINDTRE customers, making payment for parking immediate and accessible, with a planned extension to other operators. The first parking is free until June 2nd 2024 for users requesting via SMS or web application. Read the full PR.
APS and Digital Virgo logos to announce Park&Pay SMS service

APS and Digital Virgo Introduce ‘Park&Pay SMS’ for Simplified Parking Payments in Padua

APS Holding launches a new initiative to give citizens and tourists of Padua maximum ease of use and
payment of parking on blue lines, in collaboration with Digital Virgo, leader in Italy of Mobile Ticketing
solutions and partner of APS since 2015 with its DV TICKETING solution.

Introducing “Park&Pay SMS”, the fastest way to pay for parking, by sending an SMS with the parking stall number to the APS short number (4850302), now even easier via the web app. Park&Pay SMS is the digital substitute for coins, which you already have in your pocket with your smartphone. The means of paying is easy and immediately available to everyone.

There is no need to register, download apps from stores or insert your credit card details. All you need is a TIM, Vodafone or WINDTRE Sim. Soon, the service will be made available to other Italian telephone

The cost of the parking charge, as per the APS price list, and the operator’s service charge (€0.29 incl. VAT)
are deducted from the telephone credit of the prepaid Sim or debited from the TIM, Vodafone or WINDTRE telephone account. The user will find a record of the purchased Parking Permits within his telephone bill or the telephone credit monitoring tools made available by the operators.

Park&Pay SMS is FREE until June 2nd 2024

Until June 2nd 2024, the first PARKING is FREE for all users who request it via SMS or web app. The promotion is offered by TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE. During the promotion period, the first stopover and the cost of the service (€0.29 VAT included) are completely free. For the renewal of the stopover and from the second parking onwards, the charge for the chosen stall will be applied.

More information on the website

How does Park&Pay SMS work?

After parking, the user sends an SMS with the stall number to the APS number 4850302. Alternatively, he can open the web app, enter the stall and send the SMS directly from there.

You will immediately receive an SMS with the validity ,details of the Parking Permit: the day and time it was activated and the duration of the parking period. The SMS serves as a permit and is valid immediately.

Reminder service: 10 minutes before the end of the parking period, the user will receive an SMS suggesting the extension of the parking period, again indicating the stall code to the number 4850302. If you are at the parking meter, frame the QR CODE on the sticker to access the Park&Pay SMS web app.

Terms and Conditions of “Park&Pay SMS” and the “FREE First Parking” promotion on:

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