Digital Virgo and Etisalat Misr eSport Partnership Announcement 

On July 26th 2022, Digital Virgo and Etisalat, the Egyptian Telco announced an exclusive eSport deal at a press conference in Cairo. This deal means that Digital Virgo will be providing Etisalat eSport content with our exclusive partners, Anubis Gaming, world eSport champions and GB Arena, the best eSports tournament organizers in Egypt. This partnership is one more step for Digital Virgo’s progress in the Middle East.
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A New World of Gaming 

This rise of eSports is undeniable with exponential growth in revenue and user retention. The gaming industry has grown from simply playing video games to a multi-billion-dollar competitive industry. Currently, the gaming industry is experiencing aggressive growth with mobile gaming as the primary driver. Over 1 billion devices now have access to eSports and games streaming services. This makes it the best time to create an innovative eSports platform for our partner, Etisalat Misr.   

Digital Virgo’s Success in the Middle East 

Our global team has been working hard to create the perfect conditions to work with Etisalat. Digital Virgo has leveraged its dedicated local team in Egypt to discover the best eSport representatives to deliver premium content. From finding, then signing Anubis Gaming to provide top-level gaming content for viewers and partnering with GB Arena which will provide professional online gaming arenas for competitions. This full-service collaboration is proof of Digital Virgo solutions and commitment to client satisfaction.  

“The company is always keen to provide similar services through cooperation with major companies globally, as we have provided e-sports services in 12 countries around the world so far… This cooperation will contribute to achieving an added value for our strategic partners such as Etisalat from e& by providing global digital systems and services enhanced by partnerships for local and international content and distinguished partners in various fields.” – Pascal Dufour, Vice President of Digital Virgo for North Africa and the Middle East. 

Who are Etisalat Misr? 

Etisalat Misr started operations in 2007 in Egypt. Their commitment to continuous improvement is matched only by their dedication to innovating the Egyptian Telecommunications market. They have seen exponential growth, in 2021 they expanded into digital lifestyle platforms and reported E£21 billion in revenue. The 41% EBITDA margin proves that Etisalat Misr is at the top of its game. Their vision to be Egypt’s top digital telco brand means that they choose the top-tier companies to work with them.  Digital Virgo is proud to be part of this selective group.  

Choosing Digital Virgo 

Local adaptation is an essential element to reach telecom customers and digital content consumers. Digital Virgo’s priority is to deliver consumers’ preferences to connect to new users and grow customer retention. Our dedicated local teams are experts in their region and can help give Telcos the right content for their customer’s needs. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet a Telcos needs. 

To learn more about how our local adaptation can grow your revenue click here.  

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